Today in Bitcoin (2018-06-10) – Bitcoin Falls on South Korean Exchange Hack, 33% Whales

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  1. The snowflakes should of bought silver and gold God's money, they wouldn't be crying in their beer today!
    All cryptos can be hacked at any given point in time! You can try to hide them, the hackers will always find them!

  2. At 12:28 when you were talking about selling bitcoins I disagree. I'm buying, I kept my job and I'm still accumulating. I live comfortably on 35% of my take home pay (and I do it on mechanic wages). I'm a pretty frugal guy, so I have room to buy btc every paycheck. I typically buy 2000 dollars worth of bitcoin monthly, 1000 each paycheck.
    I have room to support you on Patreon though. I just became your newest Patreon supporter, at the 5 dollar level. My request is that I want Mad bitcoins back, more hat, and more making fun of the conventional economic system.

  3. 'That widens Bitcoin's losses to the year to 49%'. What a bunch of nonsense! It's nowhere near the low of this year, so how should this widen losses to the year?! Bunch of Bloomberg (or so) FUD.

  4. Those big whales are the same people manipulating stock markets.. they try to discourage people and make them sell so that they can get more power over bitcoin, but if people hodl the whales loses their power day by day. Because they can only sell and manipulate that much 😉

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