Today in Bitcoin (2018-04-18) – FUD campaign expands – Tax Day Rally? – Heist Suspect Escapes!

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  1. Great job Thomas. Excellent work and commentary. (Btrash anti-Christ continuing his efforts to BUY friends/influence is hilarious! LOL What a clown… )

  2. At this point it is plainly obvious that Ver's purpose is to cause as much division, disruption and confusion within the Bitcoin community. Just look at his actions in some of the most pivotal events in Bitcoin's history. He's always there. There is a consistent stream of his attempts, including his statements in the MT Gox debacle. He supported just about all of the previously proposed failed forks that would have caused maximum damage to Bitcoin. He seems to aligns himself with known scam artists, shady characters, even Fake-Satoshi himself, who clearly is some kind of charlatan, plagiarising and pulling wool over peoples' eyes and targeting the uninformed and gullible. It's almost as if Roger is either being blackmailed or is working for handlers. Who knows? One thing is for sure, and that's that he's not good for Bitcoin.

  3. Thank you for being a beacon in the middle of the desert. Flaky Internet? No worries! MadBitcoins will be there and he will try again if it continues to be flaky.

    Roger needs shock therapy. I suggest a single ticket to a place with no Internet, somewhere with a hard life style. few food choices and amounts restricted, no piece of fruit unless he does a proper full day's work. Then milk the camels and prepare the shelter against the nocturnal carnivores and blood sucking invertebrates. Repeat for a few months and then allow him back without those fat bank accounts. Instead $100.000 payments to the tribe so they can have an education system and also decent health care. I suspect that once he is reformed he will get a lovely girlfriend or boyfriend, whoever makes him happier and he will grow up and enjoy the rest of his life. He needs to realise that money is not equal to happiness. Yes, some is needed, but too much of the stuff does not help. Look at him.

    Anyway! Off to the lake to enjoy the sunshine. No network at the lake, so we will sunbathe, swim, have a picnic, read, chat… earthly things without electronic gadgets.

    Thank you Thomas, can't wait to hear more news once back online.

  4. I think BCash (yes, I enjoy saying BCash) would be more successful if Roger Ver would go away. Right now, he is the reason many of us will never buy the stuff no matter how profitable that trade might be. Someone who promotes a more positive message of compatibility with bitcoin would exceed current success.

  5. Im with you, I am sick of roger. He’s had so many opportunities to sell crypto to the masses but instead he chooses to just trash talk and run investors off. He doesn’t understand that all can be successful, it doesn’t have to be just one winner

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