Today in Bitcoin (2018-01-04) – Meltdown & Spectre – Egyptian Fatwa – Bitcoin $50,000?

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  2. CryptoGee's CryptoBlock™ will be the first to execute a worldwide certification progam that will help communities, towns, cities, and suburban-exurban areas understand decentralization Crypto-Currencies.

  3. World currency…. OK, BUT 30 years ago they meant it to be a different way… Controlled by one government/group of people. If bitcoin was the experiment, then it went out of control…

  4. Hi Andy, Can you please do a video on ByteCoin – its only 0.006 cents and the same protocol as Monero which forked from Bytcoin. Its only 6 months ago it was recommended as one of the best buys for 2017. Thank you

  5. Great info thanks 👍. I still feel BTC is crypto gold, i would like it to be be a safe store of value. Alt coins being crypto cash? exchange gold to cash and spend 💭✌️

  6. Spectre vulnerability #2 actually is not able to be patched at the OS level. You need new firmware. Which I see lenovo has been releasing over the past week for many recent models… much older computers i guess you will have to just toss in the trash if they dont release a new bios firmware. Also the OS patch for variant #3 requires you to first upgrade any 3rd party AV before updating. Microsoft put in a forced check for a reg key signally the AV is compatible. As incompatible AV can BSOD…. I work in IT and what a shitmess this is..

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