This week in Bitcoin- 3-23-2018- Segwit over Bcash, Bgold news, Mexico, Vortex!

This show will be a little different than the This Week In Bitcoin you are used to. The panel will get to ask Bgold Edward about Bgold. We have not heard a lot about this crypto-dividend lately…


  1. This argument that ASICs make Bitcoin more decentralized is pure asinine. It really makes zero sense and is painful to hear. Bitcoin is by far the most decentralized coin out there but the fact that ASICs are mining the network is the sole reason why Bitcoin is NOT 100% decentralized in nature. Bitmain is the one man show right now with ASICs. You are arguing that there are only two players in the GPU market, NVIDIA and AMD. Well there is only one dominant player in the ASIC market. I refuse to buy an ASIC because I don't want some sketchy chinese hardware.

    And the argument for GPUs do more than one thing so that makes it better. False, it makes it better for the miners who buy GPUs so they can resell them to either a miner or a gamer. But an ASIC only does one thing, hence can only sell it to a miner and if another ASIC is released it will make the one you have utterly useless. This is not a decentralized argument it is really which is riskier as an investment for a miner argument.

  2. I vehemently disagree that ASIC's make a network more decentralized than GPU mining. The fact that production of GPUs are centralized has no impact on the mining. Even if it did, it would be wash under the ASIC guy's advocacy because the ASIC production is even more centralized than the GPU. Plus, the number of people with ASICs mining a coin is dwarfed by the number of people that mined these coins when they mined by GPU… That's the The guy in the blue polo is absolutely correct. That said, I'm not entirely anti-ASIC because I do recognize they have some benefits. My favorite privacy coin, DeepOnion, is mined using the X13 algo which has an ASIC. DeepOnion combats the inherent risk of centralization of ASICs by incorporating a hybrid POW/POS network. I don't have an ASIC for it but I do stake it because it stakes at 10% the first year and 5% the second.

  3. I did mine some BTG with my nVidia rigs, made some nice profit since I sold it on ATH price 🙂 I gotta say I am more into privacy coins hype train after all the latest privacy issues with NSA, Facebook etc.
    Namely Monero as a big one and Deep Onion as a small one with a lot of potential and so many features added on recently.
    Cheers and keep up the good work.

  4. Dude's argument is that BGold is good because the last 4 million coins will be more widespread than Bitcoin's, and he believes that a good thing. But money does what money does. It will eventually end up in the hands of 20%ers. Once all those BGold mining geeks start spending their coins on Lambos, dinners and fancy clothes to attract golddiggers, well so much for all that wealth distribution.

  5. The show didn't take long to turn into a Bgold rah rah extravaganza! Bgold hit it's All Time High 93 days ago, it's down 87% since then, and the last few days Bgold keeps hitting New Lows vs. BTC at less than .00700000 (7 thousandths of the value of BTC). In my book, that's a pump n' dump that keeps dumping. Glad I cashed out my BTG for BTC a while back!

  6. Bgold is a useless altcoin. That's why it's price has crashed and it's why its price will continue to crash. Why are you pumping worthless alt coins Adam? I come here for real information, not for pump and dumps.

  7. His entire argument of why gpus are good for mining is actually precisely why they are horrible for it. His argument is that because gpus can do more things than ASICs they are better. This is false.

    The fact that ASICs only do one thing, and do it well, means that there is less attack surface for miners and makes it easier for manufactures to step in to create competition and thus further decentralization.

    He tried to say gpus are less centralized but it's only been nvidia vs amd for the past 20+ years and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

    It's almost like he's trying to sell you a premined token or something…

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