This Is Why Bitcoin Bounced | G20 Cryptocurrency News | Thank You

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  1. Guys, this is the program that I use (Yes its a ref link – but it helps both of us)

    Also please keep in mind – no one can predict 100% into the future for any asset. So keep in mind that this is for educational purposes only. I'm only showing my perspective and thought process! Good luck trading today.

  2. From end of January to March the pattern has been slight recovery into a massive dip, rinse repeat to where we are now. I don't know what type of recovery we're looking at. It could be a giant pump up, (unlikely), a slow climb up (unlikely). We could see this trend continue until the swings stop in May.

  3. hello, watching some of your videos. thinking about getting into "coins". question… if i want to sell at a certain price does that mean there will always be a buyer? or do you just hope that it sells at whatever price you decide to sell at?

  4. Thanks a lot man, like I've said in the past best TA cryptotuber I know of, keep it up. Also I like the length of the vids from 15-25 mins as it's not to much but enough detail to understand your perspective. Take care kyle.

  5. The ppl trading alts who are buying to hodl… Are playing a huge risky game. Sure they gained 12% more BTC but you watch they will slide back to the buy level even if BTC goes side ways for a week if it dips they lose all they gained plus more. So the risk to reward is so much against you. Unless BTC bounces to $13k has it paid off for them I don't see that happening in a week or 2

  6. I'm still bullish I see it falling again soon… a weak bull push, I've said all along the 6500 needed to be tested again what it does then is anyone's guess may go down to 5k. I see Bitcoin only going back up to 9 to 10k and just bouncing around that for 6 months with the ping pong getting smaller then snap bull run.

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