This Bitcoin Pattern Is About To End In A BIG Way – Bullish?

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  1. Yes significant if we break downtrend, but descending triangles in a bear market have a much greater chance to crack support (6k) then break resistance. Good TA but you never explain both sides of the coin. EVER. but good TA for bull point of view

  2. Yeah! I'm getting excited!
    Hey bro I'm spreading the word about your very affordable but awesome CTAA. I'm so glad you made it so an average person like me with low income can afford it and learn. Thank you bro, God Bless you.

  3. There's absolutely nothing bullish about this market. Nothing whatsoever. I think you might want to listen to some Tone Vays. I think your optimism has you blinded. Bitcoin doesn't respect technicals or market structure. With all due respect.

  4. ETH and BTC trade to the dollar with over a 90% correlation. ETHUSD has hidden bearish divergence on the daily chart. Also, cryptocurren is a fiat alternative and the global banks of the world are performing quantitiative tightening, which is why the real estate markets, precious metals, and tech stocks are getting hammered, the bubble is deflating. More likely than not, Crypto will inch down while global QT works this course and the outlook for the next 30 months (the current schedule for US QT) is bearish.

    I am not going long in crypto during QT & when one of the top coins has hidden bearish divergence.

  5. Good day Jebb, thx4 ur TA & commentary.
    Either direction is certainly possible.
    A few things to consider/ponder:
    1) BTC/Alts represent a fairly new & unique form of economic freedom that transcends many boundaries.
    2) Adoption, implementations & use cases r occurring @ a rapid pace, most of it behind our backs.
    3) Fiat currencies, esp emerging markets r corrupt, failing, going broke all around, BTC/Alts r the fortress, the vault, the store.
    4) BTC/Alts r the most volatile market in the world making anything possible IRT price action/movement.
    5) Huge $$$'s (read Bakkt, ETF's, OTC megalodons, etc) r waiting on the sidelines & can't wait to pounce.
    6) Several TA indicators, MA's & zones r converging.
    IMHO this all points to big movements near term, which way, I don't know, that said, I'm already way LONG.
    Currently, I live in Rect City, hopefully the long ride will take me to the steps of the Taj Mahal.
    As always, do ur own TA/FA, move in/out carefully, set ur stop losses to protect ur a$$et$, don't panic, b brave, HODL the line &
    U shall b rewarded.
    Kind regards 2 all.

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