THEY’RE GANGING UP ON US! Cryptocurrency Crash 2018 INDIA, SOUTH KOREA REGULATIONS (Bitcoin, Ripple)

More regulations are coming out as promised!, recently India has vowed to crack down on cryptocurrencies. This is the third crash this year in 2018 and we should see more sellers coming. …


  1. Finance minister didn't say it is illegal. He said it is an illegal tender and will stop its use for illegal purpose. We in India are trading smoothly on xhanges. There is no problem as such. Don't spread the FUD.

  2. It was a Fake News by the mainstream media which caused FUD in the Indian market. Look at this Interview in which the economic affairs secretory of India is clearing the misunderstanding :

    Even our FM yesterday said in an interview on the national television that govt just wants to discourage people using crypto assets until they come up with proper regulation to trade on it. And moreover Govt is planning to adopt the Block-chain tech in large scale to promote digital economy. Axis Bank of India has partnered with Ripple while ICICI Bank has partnered with Steller, all ther other banks are rushing to adopt this tech too so It's just the beginning. It's a good sign

  3. I disagree about taxation. Some people may try to avoid taxes but the main reason people invest in the crypto market is so
    they can get out of the "system". The stock markets are all rigged. They are at all time highs with little likelihood of rising much more . With negative interest rates and limited cash withdrawals, where can people put their hard earned wealth? Real estate is at all time highs. Gold/silver are manipulated (and physical is hard to get especially in large quantities). There just is no where for the average Joe to put their money. Crypto's are a great alternative. Fiat loses value every year due to inflation. I earned $1.00 exactly of interest last year in my savings account. I have to give the fed and state a total of about 19 cents in taxes for the BIG profit of using my cash for the year. Yet with inflation I LOST purchasing power. The whole system of fiat as a BIG SCAM!

  4. don't need to worry, finance minister has just warned not to invest in cryptocurrency due to not a legal tender . It isn't going to ban at anyway. trade at your own risk..!!!!

  5. Biggest currency used for money laundering , Drugs and other Crimes is by far far far is the US paper dollar!!! This is not about just saving their currency dude it's all about maintaining their Control. It's the Control and their tyrannical rule over us. They are crapping it coz BTC and Alt coins were rising like no tomorrow. F them and their Tax enslavement systems! People DO NOT FEAR!!!!! Hodle and this is a great time to buy!!! They are creating Fud after Fud after Fud to get you scared and sell off! REMEMBER DO NOT FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Exact Words from Mr. Arun Jetly "The gov dose not consider crypto currency as LEGAL TENDER" and will take all measurement to eliminate the use of these crypto Assets in Financing legitimate activities or a part of the Payment System" note that USD also not legal tender in india!

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