The Weird Bitcoin Pattern Everyone Needs to See

I almost did not see this odd bitcoin pattern – but what does it mean? I explain in the video. For more, please visit:


  1. Dude wake up! Just chart analysis makes people think how easy it is to find when to buy. But r u aware why it is down now? All government's and banks are starting to take a toll on crypto. People like to pull money out in such uncertainty.

  2. You should do videos on the better coins such as Cardano and EOS. These are well undervalued and have a technology far greater then Bitcoin. I do respect BTC as it was the first; however, let's be honest, it is an old technology that is not capable of mass adoption (due to scaling and speed issues etc).

  3. Alessio, I agree it was a bad idea to purchase at a high. However, the market was on a complete bull run and showing signs it would hit a 1 million dollar market cap. How were people supposed to know the market would crash like that? I believe this market will change the financial world and be in the trillions!

  4. I hate how creators of videos have to cautious of saying anything bad about it because people will dislike the video and it won't get monetized like it should. Bitcoin and reality for that matter don't care about your feelings. I would rather know its going to crash then feel good about my investment fooling myself into always making money and good decisions. It's like censorship for the truth we see it enough in politics we shouldn't see it in vdeos I'm trying to learn from.

  5. After having watched just 1 of your vides, i have subscribed to your channel, great analysis. As of now 15.02.2018 BTC is climbing back up, quite steadily, seems like we got the confirmation for the hammer. What do you think about this rise, till how long it can sustain ?

  6. I think most people are looking at it wrong. I have zero experience about trading but I'm using common sense. When it comes to correction, instead of looking at the coin charts we may need to look at the total market cap chart for all the cryptocurrencies (found on coinmarketcap) It looks like this is what's mostly doing a correction and most coins follow a similar pattern when all of them drop. I found one called Double Zig Zag correction chart, it seems like it is on point C and that's why it is going back up

  7. Your bitcoin chart hammer candle, maybe only visible on a particular exchange… so… not so valid as indicator candle, however, one would expect a upside of such a drop that BTC have experienced, so if you look a any weekly BTCUSD chart, you will see that we DEFINITELY have room for a upside, a higher-low you could say. It could go higher above 10k or even up to 12k before some retesting or consolidation. Are we on a bear market? we definitely had a massive 70% crash… but not sure if we will be making lower highs from here or just sideways consolidation instead, that still to be seen, I am optimistic, looking at the bigger picture, you can see that other financial markets are suffering as well, there are indications of contractions on the bond and stock markets, the crypto market is minuscule, a peanut size in comparison with the others, so any minimal investments from big investors that are taking profits from other market into cryptos, could make the crypto market surpass 1 trillion this year, that is why I don't think we will be going for a bear or sideways for long. Thank you for the video.

  8. Hi Allessio, interesting video and kudos for all the great content you put up. I wanted to ask one thing that since the recent correction a lot of good news has come up including no ban, partnerships and what not. But the market did not respond with upward movement. I read somewhere that a crash is in when markets don't pump on good news. What are your views on that??

  9. I keep showing my crypto friends that have more tenure than I, videos such as this, they just shut me out, whatevs. They keep buying at highs 😆

  10. Just found you by way of a comment in another You Tube vid. This was the first vid of yours that I have watched and it really makes clear not just the hammer candlestick but also the need for confirmation afterwards. You are a natural teacher. I will be subscribing and watching you more going forward as well as looking back at some of your other stuff.

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