The US Forked Bitcoin, Bitcoin Turns 10 And Coinbase Adding 200-300 Coins

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  1. @themoderninvestor
    Is it possible that Coinbase is waiting until the SEC deems "the coin we shall not name" a currency or a security? Sorry if this has been addressed in earlier videos

  2. I have been waiting for this article for 18 months. No body wants to discuss how this is the new currency foretold That the BTC code hash and peer to peer order of permissions would be the world standard ( I rest pleased as many debate many other not even close to world currency where I cornerstone platform must represent the gold standard. Just like a coin. Xrp is not going to be the one. with Govt’s fork BTC Skelton.)

    So well a fork is a fork. I don’t give a shit if the ever make bitcoin faster. The entire beauty even if they fuck it up. Is that the Blockchain the quantum hash vulnerability in 20 years many tokens are already addressing. This is the new world economy emerging, a sharing resource based economized and sustainable economy. Corporations are gonna have to learn as we build out coins and tokens. they can’t ever get away with destroying the planet like they did again. Even if the same 20 families all were gonna have the run of a sector.

    Yeah the old asswipies did this on purpose.

    I believe they the High degree esoteric orders from those ancient Roman families. Columbus family still has the deed for the americas. still in power overseers as if your an illuminated seeker and not a political deviant they wrote and published BTC. I don’t care if the Illuminati as the popular phrase wrote it and were buying in hook line and rationally sinked to the choice. The old way is inefficient now. BTC background so hard to find to hack all else built around and atop.

    Mark my words.

  3. Only prob with ppl being able to take money out early is if Eth spikes they could take those gains instead of waiting for possible ICO gains, even though the project was not a scam.

  4. Bitcoin is like Coca Cola, the ring to the name is contagious and wont leave you until you're infected.
    That organic growth Bitcon has had is far enough.
    But scratch that, bull run incoming soon I hope ♧

  5. 200- 300 Coinbase additions is alot of shit coins. Ive been listening to dozens of videos a week for months now and have only compiled a list of 75 good projects, 25 of which I already lost interest in. There are only 50 crypto projects worth talking about.

  6. Dude, you provide such thought provoking information. You are so loyal and dedicated to this space. It’s much appreciated. Also, you are my top crypto You Tuber, but I need you to take a little break/rest from your fan base. We will be here.

  7. Hey man! Thanks for the vids by the way. Quick question, I don't think I ever heard you mention Digibyte… Would be curious about your thoughts on the project. Seems like a great project with integrity. Cheers!

  8. India isn't banning anything. Although they never mention it in these India fud articles. Zebi (ZCO) is already being used in conjunction with the government for Hotel ID, land registry and education credentials verification. Zebi is a member of the Ethereum Alliance. Currently it is an ERC20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain however they plan to move onto their own blockchain and launch Zebipay by 2020. It also will be a masternode coin. 100K will need required. Current price is a penny. ICO price was 3 cents.

  9. I am in the UK and cannot buy from Coinbase. None of the UK banks allow us to buy crypto. I have to buy off Cryptomate as the transactions go through ordinary accounts. Anything with crypto in the payment title will not go through. I used Coinbase 6 months ago and then the banks stopped me.

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