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  1. Ended one long 5-hour stream by Bro Sanchez exposing the truth behind the symbolisms of the NFL and this big distraction of a game that everyone is tuned into and immediately opened this video of yours. Keep empowering people brother, great work!

  2. Exactly, we don't have time for worthless trash entering our minds. Stop watching the news. Stop listening to the radio. Stop watching TV. There is opportunity in this new eco system for everyone. You just have to be in this game as much as your duty of state will allow . Reading , watching, learning and bam you say to yourself; I think I will make this move. If you make a mistake you learned something important for yourself. When its a winner, you add it to your other winners and those winners compound giving your successes velocity. You don't need to do what BK does exactly because you will develop yourself per your strengths and the more you stay in this game and ignore other peoples games (NFL, Politics, Banks, Media, "Music", Drama, Jobs, On and On brain trash) games that enslave you, the faster and more surely a new world will come into view. This day and this time is offering men and women a unique opportunity….freedom.

  3. More power to you BK…You've seen the light before your lights were knocked out playin a game thats been pimpin men -especially p.o.c (most notably pacific islanders & africans in america) since day 1. I applaud, honor and respect your conscious endeavors. ALL ORGANIZED SPORTS ARE JUST THAT…ORGANIZED…ORGANIZED TO ENSLAVE AND PIMP. People should divest their energies from these clown shows.

    I didn't watch the game. I had a ball researching the cryptoverse, how it originated and where its going. I watched the documentary "Banking on Bitcoin" on Netflix. great insight into it's beginnings. Thanks for putting the truth out front.

  4. SuperBowl, sports is just a distraction a modern day circus, players, actors know there role in ((( society ))) to be part of the ((( illusion ))) ————– >>> nasdaq ends 666
    ((( ))) patriots the champs the pros, the cant loose team !!!!! Patriots loose the game
    ((( 33 ))) <<<——— coincidence ? this is the perfect example that sports games of high importance are predetermined pre planned on how they end Patriots loose (((33)))
    a circus for the masses to keep distracted an entertained …

    also if you chart bitcoin on a day time frame bitcoin has almost completed a full triangle ^ best time frame for bitcoin charting 3 hours

  5. Yeah my bro. I played sports all through high school, even played b-ball at an amateur league. Used to be huge into sports. Season ticket holder, etc. I became awoken around 2008-2009. We were in the middle of a recession and the marketing and commercials revolving sports was a huge red flag. I started to look at it from a different perspective, and distanced myself then.

  6. I love that you're awake bro.

    I woke up a couple of years ago and it baffles me that so many humans are brainwashed.

    I played football too. Never liked watching it or playing it.

    When I tell people I could care less about football, they look at me like I'm crazy.

    Glad you not only talk about crypto and making us wealthy, but that you educate us on the "bobble heads".

    I used that term the other day and one of my brothers asked what I meant. "I said simple, they're talking puppets."

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