1. Is the TOS platform different when you're paper trading? I tried to setup my TOS app like yours and the stocks that you pull up are showing different lines. Extremely different lines. What am I doing wrong?

  2. I can't wait for HQ to be setup. I live in Gilbert as well and feel having someone in person to teach would be much more advantageous to learning how to trade the markets!

  3. I almost can't believe what Rick is doing here. He is creating a Volunteer Based inclusive Stock Trading group of friends. I watch his videos every chance I get and just downloaded a stock trading app.

  4. Thanks for the video 👌🏻 I’ve recently subscribed and want to get into trading to earn some more money, I however live in South Africa, what are good platforms to get onto to start trading ? Do I trade locally or internationally with stocks ?

    Thanks 👌🏻

  5. BB (blackberry) had good earnings report about a week ago and went up over 20% but has been selling off since then and has gone down 10% below where it was before the earnings report. MACD and RSI look good so looks in good deal area but need to see it make higher highs before buying

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