The Top 3 Stocks In APRIL Trending Up | Investing 101

1. Course & Private Group: 2. Make Money Driving Your Dream Car: 3. Free Group: 5. Earn…


  1. I don't understand Ricky 3 monthes ago i was averaging 20 – 25% a month and now Im spending more time researching but every uptrending stock i pick literally starts plummeting within seconds of me making a trade im drowning in red days

  2. I am a plumber so i work 9 to 5 and only have my phone to check robinhood when/if i take a 5min break. I cant grow my account…im noy losing money but cant grow it. Does LPP have strategies for my situation? Im currently investing $100 and dont want to invest more until i know i can grow it…but also dont want to invest 3times that in a course i dont know will help me

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