1. No, it's called HYPERINFLATION!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣. With China, Russia and others dumping the Petro Dollar, and a trade war, prices will rise, which may appear as a bull run short term, but as companies can't handle the turbulence, they'll start folding just like in 2008

  2. do you know how they have been pumping the market and holding it up…the question is are they loosing control or are they bringing it down on purpose…they want as many ppl in the market as possible the rug is about to get ripped out from under them…BEWARE!!

  3. Dude I enjoy the optimism and positivity in your videos…. but you're spoiled and I really do believe you are one of those poor saps who are going to get crushed when the REAL drop happens (40-60% decline).

    You have been graced with entering stocks just when the bull market began in late '09. You don't know what pain in the market is, and I truly do believe you'll be one of those hit the hardest when the decline happens. This market is VERY volatile at the moment and nobody should enter right now.

  4. I found this stock ENB its on its 5 year low, plus both revenue and net income have increased year over year. (Not to factor in the almost 7% dividend) 😀 can you make a video on it?

  5. Sooo, basically your primary indicator to purchase more stocks is the forward PE and the economy is great because of the tax cuts. Brilliant analysis, bravo. This is going to be painful to watch, but the pain for you and the ones who follow you will be that much greater.

  6. Reading the comments, lots of people have been brainwashed by the media. A lot of hate comments. Stay strong Jeremy! These people aren't as smart as you. I'm a modern long term investor and I have read your book. Let the haters hate! They hate us cuz they anus.

  7. You should consider addressing discount rates during fundamental analysis of stock evaluation. When threat of war is involved, it can affect discount rates of future earnings of companies, is this correct? I’m still learning.

  8. I read the history and watch documentaries on the stock market the ups and downs, bull and bear markets, market corrections and the crashes. Short term investors , day traders, and short sellers are not worried about it, the long term investors who are new are worried about the crashes, I'm new to investing but I studied finances for 2 years and some months before I invested my money in it. I own a share in a gold mining company called Harmony Gold, about to invest in a silver mining company this month or the next. From the books I read and studied they all say to diversify your portfolio, I have ETFs, mutual funds and REIT that is diversified also, not saying I won't lose money but I spread my risk so all money is spreading out in different areas, my Acorns app portfolio is Moderate and diversified ETFs, have individual stocks on Robinhood except for CYS Investments which is a REIT diversified stock, my Stash account have diversified portfolio ETFs and it's conservative and one aggressive ETF portfolio and it's diversified too. I know some people say that diversifying is for idiots, sissies, and coward. Call me whatever you want but it works for me. Knowing and studying finances knowing economics is also important cause to be able to in invest have to know economics. Knowing what people buy, knowing supply and demand, the history of this country economics and other countries economics etc. Cause I read the history of stock market and economics I don't fear the market and knowing that the Most High going to supply all my needs but I'm no fool I will be buy physical silver and gold too.

  9. The market isn't stupid. Low PEs imply low growth ahead. In Jan 2017 the forward PE was 15. Was it a great time to buy? In Dec 2008 the forward PE was over 40. Great time to sell? No. You can apply the same logic to a stock like MU. The best time to buy is when the forward PE was negative, not when it is 5.

  10. I love our convos, but Jeremy I think might be wrong this time, another go pro call… Stock markets going down, but then again who am I? will say that I bet bitcoin will survive the crash. that and prostitutes

  11. You can't lose in the stock market? What??? We're at the end of the economic cycle!
    I have money coming in every month as well but I'm keeping mostly cash until the start of the new cycle (by 2020 hopefully).

  12. Are you sure Jeremy ? The Nasdaq went up 2 % yesterday and then closed at a 0.5%. This market is saved by the fed and now we have the proof on the charts . Good luck every one.

  13. Hey Jeremy,

    I agree with everything you're saying with 1 minor correction. You state lower taxes equals more people investing, which is 100% true. You also address the 401k as a way dollars get into the stocks, which is also true. However a 401k is pre-tax so the only way more 401k dollars go to the stocks is through actual increases in pay from the lower business tax. People will have more post tax take home pay, which will allow people to invest more or buy more increasing company earnings. Thanks for all the great content.

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