The State of Entrepreneurship, Confidence, & Self-Awareness | Breaking Into Startups Podcast

Really happy that I got the chance to sit down and be on the Breaking Into Startups podcast.. I think that there is immense value in here for any of you that are …


  1. In third grade I was taking unnecessary things from people's basements and selling them in the neighborhood. There's a chance for me 😀 Wishing the best to everyone here!

  2. How can this work when you have kids and feel bad about not spending to much time or the fear of feeling guilty because you weren’t “there” enough ?

  3. Its all perspective. Theres a lot of shit you say i can relate to. or know ppl that do but can't help but feel that a lack of gratitude/humbleness fucks a lot of ppl up. And wasting opportunities. Thinking about taking more than giving. Having an imaginary worth. It all boils down to gratitude.. something in DNA or whatever i dont know… Empathy for the trust-fund kid is easy to have, with some perspective. Cold hard truth to self is harder, imo. Great episode. as always

  4. Hope you're all having a great day!!!
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    I'm a videographer/photographer from Newark, NJ, and I can help you take your visual game to the next level.
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  5. Black and Latino are "ghetto kids"? This sounds naive. There is systemic oppression in the US versus Haiti. Do we just overlook that or no? I guess Black and Latino kids don't want to work? smdh

  6. I swear that lady he’s talking about is my grandma this is crazy she was very successful in business but she lost her business

  7. Hey, i have a little problem in my career surrounding.
    Actually I'm an entrepreneur just started a company with two other co-founders but here the problem is we started a company with enthusiasm with an idea but soon in recent days around from 2-3months they're loosing that startup enthusiasm, dedicated and learning nature. I talked with them 1-2 times but things didn't change. They aren't reading books, they're partying in that initial stage of company, i just want to change this. To achieve that goal and vision we saw initially, i want some suggestions n advice to how to bring them on track.
    Thank you guys n rply some suggestions
    Gary sir if u see this, plz help me on this. I'm on that discipline, daily routine n dedication to achieve that n ur videos help me alot.

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