The Ridiculous Truth Behind CNN’s Scripted Townhall Scandal, White Africans Under Attack, and More



  1. anddddd another 20-minute show. OOPS. haha. we got a lot to talk about so let's… just… 😉

    Colton Haab and CNN Controversy: (00:06)
    Dick’s Sporting Goods To Stop Selling Assault Rifles: (7:31)
    South Africa Will Expropriate Land From White Landowners: (13:39)

    see ya tomorrow, all you beautiful bastards. <3

  2. CNN is basically a propaganda machine, they hardly bring out the truth – I suggest stop using CNN. Block it , switch it – don't take them serious – it is a lie 24/7. They think with load repetitiveness they can achieve speaking the truth, their own lie – but I don't believe anything CNN brings up anymore. If CNN label or deamonize someone as racist – I know that person was speaking the truth, that is why he or she was labelled (lie) a racist!

  3. Wait, correction, the baker didn’t sell the cake because of sexual orientation. They were long time customers. They were willing to sell a cake but not create a same sex themed cake due to religious belief and provided a list of places that would be willing to.

  4. White people voted in a referendum in 1993 to end apartheid and this is what we get!!!! This can be stopped! By international pressure. Dont let we repeat another holocaust, which have already started

  5. The South Africa coverage should have been all that you talked about. No problems anyone in America have even come close to what white South Africans have to deal with every minute of every day.

  6. Comment sections are scary these days so I haven't scrolled down to see if anyone else has pointed this out… but I think Phil was onto something about the bias of the news reporter. He deliberately asked a very leading question multiple times until he got the answer he wanted from the student. You can see the kid trying to understand how to answer the question.

  7. The boy lied, although, CNN lies sometimes or misleads, this time the boy's body language says he lied. He is looking left, left means lie in most cases, among other things. How I wish the case was different. It is possible the boy believe he is being censored, but it is hard to believe. Oh fuck I accidentally deleted parts of and rearranged an email.

  8. Dick's Sporting Goods started out in an admirable manner but then they completely ruined their credibility with their "political proposals". Ban high capacity magazines? Ban "assault style weapons"? I'm sorry, but if you support banning those then you are ignorant of gun violence stats. It's as simple as that. And the whole "gun show loophole" thing is such a myth that I'm amazed that people still believe it.

  9. Dear Friends,
    I hope that you are all in good health.

    I am a South African living in Johannesburg. I am a decedent of Dutch, German, French and British settlers. My people have their own identity called Afrikaner and the language we speak is Afrikaans and is not a one of the above mentioned countries languages, but rather our own. Note that there are people of other races in South Africa that share my language and may even speak it better than me, that also have German, Dutch, French and British forefathers. They can by logic also call themselves Afrikaners, nevertheless might feel that it would make them too white and would choose to be called people of colour (to be called a person of colour is not seen as racist in SA)

    I am born in this country, so was my father, grandfather, my great grandfather, my great great grandfather and also his father before him. When my forefathers arrived they found South Africa bare. There was no infrastructure or agricultural development other than small fields of crop and a few head of cattle. These people farmed here and there and not on the entire area called South Africa today.

    Science have led me to believe that without boreholes or means to extract water out of the ground, that one can only stay on 9% of the land. South Africa is a arid country and part of the Kalahari desert. Afrikaners under the identity Voortrekkers went about exploring the unknown. In some occasions they were attached by blood thirsty tribes and suffered great defeats, but also gaining great victories where they were waged war upon. Regardless of what is being said now, the Voortrekkers negotiated and bought land. There were incidents where there was tribes that attacked the Voortrekkers were defeated and because of the fact that they did not wan't the same trouble, chased the people far away. Note that if these people returned and negotiated with the Voortrekkers, they would be allowed back on their land.

    I do agree that there was violent problems during apartheid, nevertheless one must agree that it was not only white on black, but also black on black and black on white. As a small child I can remember how we had to travel in military vehicles on the farm, because of terrorists planting landmines on the dirt roads…

    It would be very good if the government can educate people how to farm the land. I am sure that it will help black some black people become very rich. Nevertheless it will not resolve the problem of poverty. there is too many that needs to benefit and too little ground to make an impact.

    Did you know that the South African governement has not given people title deeds to property!!! They bought land and told people they can farm there, but never gave them title deeds to the land. I hope any reader can show me only ONE bank in the world that would finance a farmer for a large sum of money (for agriculture) without sound collateral (like a tittle deed).

    The SA government wouldn't even give a tittle deed to a R45 000.00 or $3400.00 RDP-house (Redistribution and Development Program). So they really didn't give people houses. Read this article if you don't want to believe me

    There is fast amounts of government farmland that are just lying there. Why not give the people this first? Why not give people title deeds?

    The question was raised by Ernst Roets of Afriforum: "what must a white South African do to legally own land." He is still waiting for a answer.

    Expropriation of land without compensation is going to lead to violence. People are going to kill one another for bread.

    IF YOU WANT TO ELIMINATE SOCIAL INJUSTICE, START WITH EDUCATING PEOPLE. The rest will solve itself. Teach people how to fish!

    My opinion on the land matter is that it is a cruel and racist way to steal land. It is a way of the falling ANC to try to gain some votes again (because the ANC is falling). The NP or Apartheid government was also in their position. A cat in danger makes dangerous leaps… Unfortunately it is fuelled by hate towards the whites.

    I want to leave you with this thought: HOW WAS IT POSSIBLE FOR LESS THAN 8% OF THE COUNTRY'S PEOPLE TO STEAL LAND FROM 92% OF THE POPULATION? There is something not being told… It might just be that the whites didn't steal the land…

    I end this off by telling you about the STRUGGLE. Not the struggle Mandela had for a non-racial South Africa, but rather a STRUGGLE for freedom of a new Apartheid on waged against the white people of South Africa. A struggle to keep existing in our home and our country… Please support us against this Apartheid like you did before. Stop all aid to South Africa. Refuse to play sport against us. If it is the only way, please do so again.

    With kind regards


  10. Taking the white Africans land w/o compensation, seems like a horrible idea. just because their ancestors stole the land does not give the gov. the right to steal it back. They're still African citizens, they have rights & just taking than land will lead to alienation & resentment, which will make the situation worse. Plus, as you mentioned , if the black Africans do not know how to use the land, them owning it won't help

  11. Marxists killed millions with famine in the Soviet Union. Socialists are currently creating famine in Venezuela. The same will happen in South Africa with the communists deciding who gets farm land.

  12. It seems like every time someone comes out and says "I have proof the liberal media lies"
    ….. it always results in it blowing up in their face, revealing that they lied to make the "liberal media" look bad
    I wish this people can all get put on trial and locked up for libel or something

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