1. If you could make a video regarding how crypto currencies growth isn't correlated with criminal activity or to everyone via comment section whomever is reading this and please explain why the creator of bitcoin won't reveal himself too thanks

  2. Yeah I've been through worse than this. I'm an old prepper, gun guy, and silver stacker. When I wrapped my brain around what Bitcoin can do I started stacking bitcoins the way I stack silver. I've been through the 2014 and 2015 bear markets as well as a lot of shorter term crashes along the way. Gotta say, this year, so far, has felt very much like 2014. In any case I'll just continue my usual routine of stacking bitcoin. I'm a nice position financially now that the house is paid off. The years of good planning and a frugal lifestyle have resulted in prosperity. Now I find myself living in a nice house on a half acre that's paid off as of last year. Vehicles are paid off and now I live comfortably on 35% of my after tax wages that my diesel mechanic career generates. Now I'm able to stack 2000 dollars a month into bitcoin. I buy when it's high and I buy when it's low but eventually I expect time to roll forward and bring a lot of value to my bitcoin holdings. I may even retire (12 years early) if bitcoins do what I expect they will do. Till then I hodl. When my purchases reach 7k I go to the bank box, connect mycelium to the Trezor and lock it in. I keep the seed phrase in a safe place as well (although far away from home). I expect that bitcoins will eventually have tremendous value so it's important safeguard your stack and keep it away from your home so as to avoid attracting hostage situations (bank managers learned that lesson a long time ago). You must protect your wealth but you must also protect yourself from your wealth or that wealth could become a hazard that might end up getting you killed.
    As far as an exit strategy goes. I don't have one. If bitcoins went down to 1 dollar each I'd still buy them (just for the amusement factor of owning so much of what was once so valuable). If bitcoins somehow died I would still have the prosperity I've built into the other areas of my life. That's good enough for me.

  3. Thank you for your information on Bitcoin. I would like to hear your opinion about new crypto investment like Contract vault? Looks really solid, I saw that the German rapstar Kool Savas is involved. but need your opinion on it… Thx!

  4. It kind of makes me think of when I'll go on to Coinmarketcap, go to the last page, and see newer or extremely low market cap coins up like 30 percent, but the 24 hour volume is like 800 bucks, LOL. That's basically what you're saying with Bitcoin…low volume, easier to manipulate.

  5. Stop trading.. If everyone stopped trading the volume would not fluctuate. I guess everyone wants to be a rich wall st trader.. I just want my crypto to be my crypto out of the reach of criminals still addicted to usd

  6. I wonder how volume is calculated. I would like to see the value of the dollar compared to bc.. I know feds are printing as fast as netanyahu can drone strike a childrens hospital in Palestine but i guess thats none of my business

  7. Hey 👋 you have called this event for a few weeks now. you are the ‘WOLFMAN JACK’ of crypto . Watching your broadcast from Tropical Lombok Island🌴🌴👌👌🌟

  8. What I do not understand (unless they are shorting and making their money there) why anyone would sell off when it is down. Doesn't that mean they are losing money – no matter when they bought it?

  9. BTC pegged to altcoins will inevitably be a thing in the past. When the market cap reaches multi trillions, there will be a different method where the market will not be affected when BTC goes up or down. Big projects with BIG money will not allow their money to be controlled just by BTC's volatility.

  10. It’s really simple as to why the market is going down Wall Street wants to get involved, and they want to buy from much lower prices. Wall Street doesn’t make money by propping up assets for retail investors like us. They make money by taking money from retail investors.

    So my advice is to trade the market both long and short or just hodl. But trust me when I tell the real bull is coming and that’s Wall Street don’t let anyone tell you differently.

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