The Quartering gets assaulted by SJW at GenCon

Reports are coming in that Matt Loter, the owner of Elm City Games, was allegedly involved in physically assaulting and battering Jeremy Hambly, the popular …


  1. Matt Loser is a weak, coward fag. Those shitty tattoos don't intimidate anyone, least of all, me. And they damn sure don't hide the fact that you have ZERO muscle (8 punches to Jeremy's head with no serious damage says enough). HAHAHAHAHA! YOU FUCKING WEAK COWARD BITCH. HMU, ILL GIVE YOU MY CONTACT INFO, & YOU CAN EXPERIENCE WHAT IT'S LIKE TO FIGHT SOMEONE FOR REAL.

  2. 1 Youtube is refusing to play the original video of the attack for me. Interesting. 2: You never pointed out this is Terrorism. It was an attack purely based on politics.

  3. I don't know. Matt Loter and I used to frequent the same board game websites, and I've gotten into heated disagreements with him on social issues, myself, even going so far as to get insulting towards him. We met in person at a gaming event and hung out quite a bit over a week, and he couldn't have been a nicer, more laid back dude. Yes, he is a legit tough guy and wouldn't turn down a fight, but I'm shocked that he would go off like that unprovoked. Not saying it didn't happen, and not defending him over whatever did. Just saying, I've said shit to him that was more provocative than anything Quartering has on the internet that we know of, and he never started any shit with me.

  4. He's just as bad as the sjw Internet warriors he bitches about, but no one deserves to be attacked for their opinions. I hope the piece of shit got attacked him gets jail time.

  5. Dude, I've been watching Unsleeved Media for a while now and just recently started watching The Quartering and I actually like his vids, thats just sad what happend to him hope hes ok

    Amd to Anita Sarkezean or whatever her fake tits are…. eff her and her fans… and I hope that this Matt Louter gets his karma rammed up his butthole…

  6. As far as him being removed, yes the assault happened outside of Gencon. However, he his a registered VENDOR at gencon with his own booth. And in the TOS of Gencon, he represents Gencon during the ENTIRETY of the event wether or not his is at the location.

  7. well that alleged assaulter/puncher turns out to be real and there are witnesses to the fight more than a dozen people saw it and were present at that bar so that is now true update your video ok matt

  8. @Jeremy Hambly … Re: Sucker Punch – First – I'm on your side. You are missing something. You need to listen to some old guy who has been anti-Marxist for a long time, like me. …
    . All the activities and behaviors of Antifa fit perfectly with the instructions for revolution that have been practiced repeatedly by the Marxist revolutionaries. … At this stage, as they see it, just before the "revolution," they don't intend to make any sense. They declare many absurd things loudly and very deliberately. This is meant to disorient their enemies. Don't look for logic, morals or truth in their words. There is none there and this is intentional. The Antifa, the useful idiots, are brainwashed by the known techniques of brainwashing. Don't try to make sense out of what the Antifa say. There is none there. … Their creators and leaders are the old Marxist University Professors. These are the heads of the BEAST Please direct this advice to @Jeremy Hambly .
    Also see "Cults" like Jim Jones' Peoples Temple. Study the life of Jim Jones.

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