The Price of Social Change: Why California Is Paying Gun Offenders: The Daily Show

Michael Kosta learns about communities in central California that are helping to curb gun deaths by offering travel and cash incentives to violent offenders. Watch full episodes of The Daily…


  1. My god, I’m from Stockton the east side to be exact and this is by far the STUPIDEST idea I have ever heard in my entire 28years of life. I went to school with Tubbs and I’m ashamed to say he came from my alma mater. This fucking guy graduated from godam “Stanford” for Christ’s sake and this is his idea of increasing peace.

  2. Haha I wonder how many ppl got the part about him being bribed to do his job as proof bribing people to do 'good' is something everyone does on a daily basis. Yeah, your wage is a bribe to keep you being productive, cuz you probably wouldn't do the work if you weren't bribed into doing it. Can see that with people that win lottery and crap, many quit working asap, can't be bribed anymore.

  3. If people have enough money to live confortably, then crime, greed, and botomless ambition seizes to exist. Working for a living is great, so long as the time and effort that one exchange for money is not greater than the time that one has left over to enjoy that money.

    There are way too many workplaces where the psicologycal, and in some places, the phisical detrement to the worker's health is far greater than the economic benefit that those workplaces provide. The same psycological stress can be felt by students on many university campuses, even on comunity colleges, and even if they recieve financial aid.

    Relieving stress is not the answer to solve crime, greed, or bottomless ambition. In my humble opinion, one alternative may be identifying comon stress triggers, as well as each person developing the ability to identify specific stress triggers for themselves, and the ability to acknowledge which trigers have to be managed, and which ones can be prevented all together, while remaining calm, but self aware, and aware of one's phisical and social suroundings.

    Each person will have their own monumental struggle to be able to master these ablilties, if they should choose to make the life long commitment of waging war with the worst side of themselves, and defeating their own personal darkness, so that their best side may shine through. After all, having the humility to admit that one's current way of life is self destructive, having the courage to own up to one's past for what it was, and admiting that one has a serious problem is the first step, and it is always the hardest step.

    It is also a very personal decision, because it can often be a very emotionally painful decision to make. To be able to conquer one's fears, and to be able to honestly say that one is ready to accept full responsibility for all of ones actions, past, present, and future is worth more than all the money in the world in my opinion.

    Teaching responsibility is ok, but demostrating self responsibility with one's own life is a trillion times better. Holding people acountable for there actions is ok, but raising people to be self aware, and to know themselves for exactly who they are, nothing more, and nothing less is a quadrillion times better.

    No one else can make these choises for anyone elses, because the decision has to be born from within each and every willing person. After all we can only teach what we have been taught.

  4. Oh shiit! Some people in US actually care about their fellow citizens! Who would have thought! Finally some people actually show love towards less fortunate ones and actually help them achieve something! I tip of my hat to you good people! Keep it going!

  5. What I see is those cities treating its' poor men with dignity… and not as criminals. The current penal system has not worked, is not working and is driving poor people deeper into poverty by taking the men out of the workforce through labeling them as criminals. These men just needed to experience what being a human with dignity really was all about rather than the forced fear disguised as respect that they receive when they commit crimes etc. It took black men to save black men because only black men knew what they needed to be redeemed. (It appears that it is difficult if not impossible for white men to see black men as deserving of kindness and dignity, hence the rule by intimidation and battery seen in cops and in most cities) I hope the Orishas will continue to help AA men come out of poverty and despair.

  6. THIS! Is actually a good idea…. It's almost as if you're trying to help people, by making them better people. Help people, by…helping people. Holy shit, someone should write this down or something.

  7. 3:59 – not truth telling; and if you call me a racist you can lick my balls — cause [it's fucking stupid to say the truth is ''racist,'' and what i like so i can tell a lot of u that you're fucking pussies is] i'm technicality black; half my family; I'm not racist against myself — those guys are thugs; if not [.03 chance] ? … my deepest apologies.

  8. California took my gun and I didn't get paid. SAD!
    (I tried to off myself so they have me on gun lockdown for 5 years. Yet donny the trump gets the nuclear codes. Double sad.)

  9. Though this seemed weird at first, but honestly, most these people have never been shown that they are cared about, especially from the government. If it makes the streets safer why not give it a try.

  10. Well, for me as an European, I think this can actually works. American justice is always based on revanche. But if you start treading people like humans, people start acting like humans. Sometimes they just need a wake up call. Many Americans live in poverty and that is just an disgrace. When people live in shit, they gonna do shitty things. But if you give them a second chance, they will be better instead of doeing time in a prison and leave it more trained and harder criminal than when the entered jail.

  11. We really need to change the mindset of "criminals" these people need help, yes there are habitual criminals no matter what they do however it all deals with mental health. If you can change the mental wellbeing of these people and give them the necessities they need to not only survive but be productive members of society we will change our crime rates.

  12. this seems directed towards young adults, but it might be better if it was also directed towards kids in middle school/high school as well. a lot of those kids are exposed to situations like that and think that is just how things are.

  13. It's kind of simple, if you give people something to lose, they will act differently. If you think you have nothing to lose, you might end up in prison. If you have a reason to act right, most people will make that choice. People don't choose crime because they have better options…

  14. Give a man a job with a living wage and you eliminate the need for crime. Keep a man in poverty while 1% take everything, you breed lawlessness. You have to start somewhere. Any action is better than no action.

  15. Or… One could prevent these guys from becoming violent in the first place by alleviating poverty and properly supporting education to begin with… But I guess it's the rich who need more money first…

  16. This seems to be as close to 'treat the cause, not the symptom' and 'prevention is better than cure'. Your tax money is going to pay for someone in a jail, where the rehabilitation rate of someone like this pretty poor.
    Why not spend that same money upfront and overall improve the lives of people before they turn criminal, or get caught for criminal activity.
    If your loved one gets shot, will you be happy when that person is convicted and goes to jail? or will you be happier to not have them shot and killed at all because someone was forward thinking and helped them get off the street earlier?

    This really is a no brainer. More people need to think like this!!

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