The Path To A Bitcoin Bull Run – What Needs To Happen

Is a new Bitcoin bull run coming? In this video we discuss the obstacles Bitcoin will face in the creation of a new Bitcoin bull run. We’ll also cover the challenges …


  1. If you look at the historic charts of bitcoin, these "Cycles" last about 2yrs, there is an all time high followed by a correction followed by a consolidation phase followed by a build up then another all time high, at the moment we are only 7 months into a correction, maybe we have hit the bottom, next would be the accumulation phase followed by the next run up to the next all time high, so start accumulating

  2. Love your show. Curious, why do you say ‘wicks’ (plural) when referring to a single candle wick? Or ‘wickses’ when you mean ‘wicks’ (> 1 wick). Wondering if I’m missing some OHLC terminology that I’m unaware of lol.

  3. why do so many "analysts" still keep.claiming the BOTTOM IN??? Or there's supposedly NO ONE that's ever consistently forecasted MAJOR MARKET price action? ACTUALLY there IS someone who HAS…. In FACT, as difficult as this might be for probably most to believe or even conceive…. not only is there "someone" (and the only one I've ever seen or know) that HAS done in general what most everyone claims ISN'T POSSIBLE, but as of AUGUST 16th 2018, this particular "forecaster" is so accurate, he's "predicted" the KEY Target-DATES/WINDOWS connected to 100% of EVERY MAJOR DROP, FLASH-CRASH and/or MARKET PRICE ACTION that's occurred in BOTH the CRYPTO and STOCK MARKETS for the past 8 MONTHS IN A ROW. If you haven't heard of someone called "GCM" yet, you might want to check it out.. either way, you probably will very soon as word get's out about this guys work and what could be one of the biggest discoveries EVER in context of an ALGORITHM he's created based on TESLA's 369 CODE (known as CYCLES of 9) that can accurately forecast ALL MAJOR MARKET PRICE ACTION….. in BOTH MARKETS…. just for starters! — And so far, his AUGUST CRYPTO/STOCK MARKET "Forecast" has NAILED the latest or FIRST 2 MASSIVE CRYPTO MARKET DROPS/CRASHES that's ROCKED the GLOBAL CRYPTO MARKETS! What's NEXT? Will this persons HITS continue to hold up and maintain an UNPRECEDENTED track record??? Well,, here's the KEY DATES connected to the FINAL 2 BIG MARKET PRICE ACTION "WINDOWS" in AUGUST originally issued nearly 3 WEEKS IN ADVANCE which involve yet another set of MAJOR CRASHES in BOTH BITCOIN and also the STOCK MARKET about to occur…. ***AUGUST 17th to 22nd and 26th/27th to 29th/30th*** … if you think I'm joking,,, watch what happens. – And BTW,,, something else I almost forgot to mention…. "GCM" says there's 2 other THINGS about to occur likely linked to these same windows above… a MAJOR M7 to 7.8+ EARTHQUAKE and a BIZARRE headline TRAGEDY involving a MAJOR AIR disaster or DEATH of a WORLD FAMOUS (music or sports) ICON. —-So, this may ended being a far more interesting month than anyone realizes ;0. OH… as to the BOTTOM??? I think this guy says BITCOIN settles between 5120k or 5200k to 5512 or 5525 and then the 1st BIG BULL RUN begins LATE OCTOBER to NOVEMBER. Oh MY

  4. I think Apollo currency ( APL ) will be next ripple why ?
    *have own blockchain called Hermes , less than 2 secondes per transaction .
    *ip masking .
    *expert team .
    *decentralised exchange ……
    Remember my word this coin will be second on market .

  5. While I mostly agree with your analysis, I do not like to see a bull move while the Bollinger Bands are so wide. That implies too much volatility and whipsaw action. Better to see a bull move come out of tight Bollinger Bands.

  6. Hey cryptojebb, you should look at Bitflyer shorts and longs (BTCJPY), they are very different… I believe volume data of bitflyer (BTCJPY) are much better indication of actual volume and tendencies as most volume of bitcoini is traded in japan so we get the real data instead of the western noisy data… Cheers!

  7. The shorters are scared, time for them to take their 2 LTC and move on until the next bear run in a couple of years…. hoW they going to make it without their 10 bucks a day…LOL

  8. jed is coinbase the only way to cash out of btc? i hope not cos the price you buy btc from coinbase is dearer than market price and when i looked at selling the sale price cheaper than market price + fees both ways

  9. Hey Jebb, here's another youtuber I listen to that does TA who's sentiment is polar opposite. Maybe you could share your thoughts after watching it. The title of the video is: Bitcoin Technical Analysis August 16 2018. Thanks.

  10. Good analysis! Every day/hour that goes past holding above $6000 the greater the likelihood that 'short sellers' will 'cut and run', buy back their 'borrowed Bitcoin' and cover their positions!

    'Hoffman Line' still holding! 'Prisoners Dilemma' for 'short sellers'!

  11. Based on your analyses i will say we are going sideways, and we are gonna do that to we see a change in volume. The change in volume is decided by the way the stock market is going. The stock market is going very well right now so the bigg investors want move out of stocks and in too cryptos before they can see scary things in the stock market. Due to the huge debt in private creditcard market we need to come closer to x-mas before stock market starts shaking, and then investors gonna move pieces of their portefolje in to gold/silver and cryptos to ride out the stock market storm in february, so i think a bull rally in any big scale more than +1500$-600$ is unlikely before end of september. And that is my amature 2 cent guessing. Happy Days:)

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