The Most Influential Women in Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, & Blockchain

Let me introduce you to some of the most influential and talented women in the cryptocurrency space who are working daily to advance blockchain, Bitcoin, and all things crypto ! Social Links…


  1. Who cares what genetalia someone has, this is the bigotry of low expectations. These are adults achieving great things, not children.

  2. Great Great Great!! Thaks LarK. Thats neccesary simply because the equality between genders is far away. The criticisms that I read below seem ridiculous excuses for not facing this problem that should be among the first to solve in the world. Great job Lark.

  3. Of course there are very talented women and this goes without saying.The crypto community is diverse, global and progressive already with everybody being equal. There is no need to single out people by gender (or anything else) as this reinforces a perceived notion of difference between human beings and leads to  divisive politics.

  4. Dear Lark. I was touched by your video as you are the only one who expressess such an apriciation and support for weman in the crypto space. You are truly amazing.

  5. Great job, brother. Unsolicited recognition of badass females which are leaders in the space! I couldn't have thought of this myself (guess thats why I'm not a youtuber). Kudos to ya.

  6. Thanks for the video Crypto Lark. I was getting tired of looking for crypto videos and seeing nothing but thumbnails with tits and bikinis. Personally I think each person should be judged on their merits despite gender or race. However working in tech has made me realise the amount of BS, bullying and lewd behaviour women have to deal with is staggering.

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