The Most Important Bitcoin Question No One Is Asking! – Coinbase Adds GBP Functionality!

There is a question almost no one seems to pay mind to in the Bitcoin space. We’ll be discussing this question in length at the end of the video, as it’s answer …


  1. Bitcoin is SOOOOO undervalued. It should be worth a GAJILION us dollars! If you're not buying BTC right now, you're gonna wish you did a few years from now.

  2. Sorry Jebb. Bitcoin is not yet ready for that bullrun. I have not seen the despair part play out in this market cycle. I've lived it with gold where all the fundamentals point it to the upside and yet it still revisits rock bottom prices with people swearing they will never invest another cent in gold and silver. I just haven't seen that type of sentiment where people look at Bitcoin as a shitcoin. When that happens that's when we've seen the bottom. That being said, to me Bitcoin's potential to become the new decentralized gold standard around the world is priceless. All based on the adoption of the masses.

    Gotta be patient and accumulate at the bottom when everyone else is giving it up. Then my friend some type of event (hyperinflation, war, monetary policy etc)can trigger a massive bull run that will leave those who sold in tears.

    Be patient, HODL, and take profit when we reach euphoria.

  3. Have you seen the orderbooks around ….average order is $20-$100
    98% of the time.Volume is the key
    Not the etscboe or any etf…..going back to give control to the ELITE 1%.
    Decentralization is Freedom
    Pear to pear….

  4. Your answer is …Supply & Demand.
    21 million 1 point bitcoin either dissapear or it sky ROCKET……just like Coastal property Limited!!!
    8 billion people in the planet .
    Maybe 1 billion invest in bitcoin chasing fortune….quick buck …swings are part of bitcoin.

  5. To be honest I don't see Bitcoin going up anytime soon. Maybe in 2019 but surely not this year. Jebb I really like your videos I also used to like Kirby but lately he has been shilling his VIP bullshit way too much. Keep it up bro

  6. You can measure the worth of something, that is if you have enough people to go out and interview the entire world population, of course not feasible. But, there is always a buyer, question is at what cost.

  7. You can't measure value because it's based on people's perception and it's subjective!

    If you apply total math and science to the market… it's like me asking you a question of "Can you put the entire ocean in a box?" Of course can't!

    The market is mostly psychological… so we use proper common sense and some method to the beautiful madness that is the financial market.

  8. There is a fundamental value embedded in cryptos somewhere but I think the price at this point is going to be driven more by technology adoption /promotion cycle and wave structure. Whether Bitcoin has "cooled off" enough and shaken off enough people for a big new wave higher is hard to say but I would suspect that seasonal patterns will somewhat mirror last year's action which would be acceleratingly bullish going into the end of the year. Obviously want to surf that wave. But wave selection and recognition is the key. Crypto Jebb's pointing out how far we already are into this year is a good point if you believe the recurring seasonal patterns have relevance here. A lot of time has indeed passed, more than the patient hodler might have realized…

  9. Hey Crypto Jebb, I made the same analogy on another crypto Chanel about the engulfing candle on the monthly. It could definitively be a signal that the bulls want to push BTC price upward. I think what we seeing now is a small correction and the levels that will be the big battle between the Bull and bear is between $6925.01 and $6801 😁 Hopefully the BigBulls are there strong. Thanks for your analysis! Blessings!

  10. Thanks Jeeb.
    BTC is worth what people are willing to pay and they pay because, in their time horizon, they understand that it will cost more than what they paid. 
    In this equation, adoption is a fundamental variable.
    Right now there are more signs of adoption than desertion, so it should tend to rise in price.

  11. Has lightning network made inroads into bitcoin wallets for phones so the old use case of buying coffee at your favorite coffee shop can be fast and easy again? A lightning network link is just like a bar tab. Admittedly lightning network links work best if the trade is bidirectional but a one way link thay you only close out when you have used the full value works like a gift card that stores value and tracks balance remaining.

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