The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet – Where Cybercrime Goes to Hide

Norton explores the secret world of bulletproof hosting that’s hidden deep in underground bunkers, isolated at sea, and …


  1. LOL, you can clearly hear that anonymous script kiddie is really a script-kiddie (max 14 year old)… Anonymous is a joke who tries to get media attention all the time by using real hackers software and tools 😛

  2. Why do I shut my curtains at home? Well… Only close the curtains when there is a glare on the TV, otherwise they are all left open. If someone wants to be nosy, they will be afforded a view of me naked and it'll be there own fault that their eyes burnt out!

  3. uuuUUUuu scary, they host spam, my god that's dangerousssss, and they have their hardware in a bunker!
    looool what a complete joke of a documentary, of course they use secure place for data storage, duh
    These idiots made normal stuff look like hardcore criminality :} If you came to me with such attitude I'd call cops on you.
    Norton, lol

  4. ISIS was paid mercenaries by the USA/NATO allies. Why would a USA company shut down a USA backed and paid for, army?
    Where is the "neutral country's" voices? Seems no one wants to speak for the dead, and soon to be?…Out of thin air money, isn't shutting these clowns up? Is it?

  5. I don't know whats more shady, what the video points out, or the people they mention…. then they start talking about Anonymous… xD you interviewed a "member"? you probably interviewed some random you round on 4chan or reddit 0.o there are no "members" then you endorse people destroying Jihadi? 0.o what the fuck is this video meant to really point out? That people have a right to freedom of speech or people should be dictated as to what they can or can't say? 0.o the whole point you're making is such a cyclical contradiction.

  6. You can use coffee grounds to grow mushrooms Why they throw them away, these hackers know everything but living in the real world. I got cornered to staying online, they dont want you to have a real life, its like you disconnect their life line. I tried to blow the fuse.
    You know it, some of you fuckers OD'd and shot yourselfs.
    THAT was ME.
    I wonder if they'd have a coffee flavor?

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