The Magic Straits Court Scam

Family of Dragutin Popovic continues to be bullied and “raped and pilliged” by a gang of thugs, all claiming to have COURT ORDERS, duly paid for and ISSUED BY THE COURT, knowing full well,…


    CNR-706-18-000 MON-19.02.2018
    CRIME Ref:- 2425281/14 ——Victim of Gang Crime, Burglary, Breaking and Entering, False Imprisonment, Abuse of Vulnerable Family, and Human Rights Atrocities.——————–
    On Feb 14th 2018, an unidentified Officer Advised by email, to make a SARS request to obtain the Court Proceedings, relied on by the Criminals, and mentioned by Sgt Paul Purdy 6SX, where he states on 18.11.2014 and I quote:- "A WARRANT WAS ISSUED AND BAILIFFS EXECUTED A BONA FIDE WARRANT AS OFFICERS OF THE COURT".-———————————————————————————-Take Notice: I have never been served, with any proceedings ISSUED BY THE COURT.——————–
    I have received the DPA under ref. 2017090000948, and no such court proceedings was included.
    Therefore, the statement by the above, as well as SGT Wood , is not supported by any evidence WHATSOEVER.—————————————
    Further, on 16.01.2018, the Court confirmed, that:—————-
    1)The Court's fees have never been paid in case No. 3BT01335.———
    2) There is no judgement against me, which could give rise to a Possession Order, nor a
    Warrant for Vacant Possession.-———————————————–ADDITIONALLY, The Court's Computer Records, show that, at no time, did the police obtain any documents from the Court File.——————————————–
    Therefore, IT IS IMPERATIVE, THAT THERE BE AN IMMEDIATE AND URGENT INVESTIGATION, and until such time, that the police can place in my hands, the evidence, that the case known as Kleinwort Benson (Channel Islands) Ltd, V Anthony Badaloo 3BT01335, has been duly paid for and ISSUED BY THE COURT, the case remains OPEN.

  2. Interesting article. I managed to get an injunction against a bailiff who assaulted me and threatened my brother when he came out of hospital having spent 6 months having cancer treatment. My brother was so scared for my safety he got his friend to pay 1500 pounds even though I told him not to. Then I found out the company called Marston was a Phoenix trading company which breaches 1986 of the insolvency act. You cannot dissolve and set up a new company under the same name and trade in the same way using a different company number. I found out that all the money was held in offshore accounts. So I wrote a letter to the government who were unaware of how much the private firms were making or where the money was being held. David Cameron said parking money had to be rejuvenated bavk into the community but none is and the council's no longer have control of these parking miscreants so the money goes AWOL. An FOI request highlighted 33 million alone in revenue and no one know where it went… allegedly. So here is the rule. I reported the police also as one said he had attended 10 clamping firms but i said you need to fight crime not extort money from law abiding citizens. Do not open your door to a bailiff or anyone. Ask the police what crime has been committed. It is civil. Ask through the door for the company name and number. Do a quick search through endol to see if it still trading or dissolved. If a similar sounding company has been dissolved with a different company number but the same directors etc. It is a Phoenix Trading Company. These were outlawed in law under the 1986 insolvency act. There the debt is null and void. Even if the company is valid ask the collectors if they have been checked for criminal records. The bailiff who came to my door had a record for attempting to kill a woman. Ask if they are legally entitled to work in UK. Ask for proof. Ask who their CEO is. ASK FOR the warrant of execution and the warrant of enforcement and ask which judges made the order. None make the order. They are null and void and have been rubber stamped by bavk room clerks posing as judges juries asked executioners which is why they cannot give you the name of the judge. Try base this law on statute law but common law supercedes statute law and you cannot repeal by implied repeal any common law or the bill of rights. Chief Justice Stonor when parliament took over running the country away from the king stated: "What do we get from the exchange my Lords, Tyranny is detestable in every shape but none so formidable as when it is assumed and exercised by a number of Tyrants." The Bill of rights and the Magna carta protects our rights and stares that no oppressive or cruel punishments should be inflicted but these third party debt collectors with court orders from back room clerks are the new tyrants endorsed by statute law imposed by parliament and the councils. "When a law is repugnant or against Common Right, then it is necessary for Common Law to intercede and strike it down." The Magna carta states we cannot suffer any fine or forfeiture unless we have been found guilty in a court of law. These court orders see given by lay people outside court room and a court of law.

  3. Date 07st April 2016
    Case No: COOWT330
    To Whom It may Concern
    Oral Submission

    I Dragutin of the house of :Popovic, a flesh and blood living being, of 17 Downs View, Isleworth, TW7 5HF do make an oath as follows:

    I am competent, and make this statement, knowing that if I knowingly make a false statement, I will be committing the act of perjury. Any rebuttal of my facts, must be done on the same basis.

    1) Since the purported claimant has not produced any authority, upon which you can act in this matter, despite my requests, it is confirmation that you have no standing in a court of law, to act. You are attempting to act in breach (violation) of the Fraud Act 2006, and intending to commit the act of theft, by billing my account with fees, which you are not authorised to bill to my account, AND TO WHICH I OBJECT.
    2) I dispute that the terms and conditions of a mortgage contract to which you refer, allowing fees to be billed to me or my account, and you have not provided any such contract and terms, to support your statement. I put you to strict proof, to produce a certified and verified copy of such a lawful and binding contract, and it’s terms, to myself and all the parties in this matter.
    3) Your letters dated 21/03/2016;23/03/2016;29/03/2016;31/03/2016 and 01/04/2016 to my requests are not authentic, as none have been signed by an officer of your company, and therefore the contents of these letters have no standing as evidence in a court of law, and I believe are a Fraud Act s.3 Violation, to conceal the true facts, and evade accountability for misrepresentation, by the unknown author.

    4) I dispute the amount claimed by Santander UK Plc, and I dispute the lawfulness as to how a Land Registry charge has been registered on my property, and who has the ultimate right to enforce such a charge. In light of Securitisation Fraud, strict proof is required in the matter.

    5) I have consulted an expert with regards to the financial aspect of the claim, and I am awaiting a report, to establish what is and what is not owed. If nothing is proven to be owed, or it turns out that the claimant owes me money, then no claim can proceed.

    6) It is my belief that no monies are outstanding to Santander UK Plc, and that the charge that is at Land Registry is fraudulent, being the subject of Concealment. No evidence to the contrary has been shown, and I believe none exist.
    7) To date, despite strenuous efforts on my part, Santander UK Plc and it’s staff, have failed to supply any evidence whatsoever to support their purported claim for land, vacant possession and money.

    8) Before this matter can proceed, I require full disclosure in accordance with CPR 31.16, and the Common Law duty, to be open and Transparent, and the ECHR Art. 6.

    9) Any suggestion or allegation that I, the man Dragutin Popovic or any of my lawful occupants/tenants are trespassers, is false. Neither myself nor any of my lawful occupants/tenants have ever been evicted. A valid warrant for Vacant Possession of my property, executed by an appointed County Court Bailiff, has to date not been shown, as one does not exist.
    10) No proceeding has ever been Issued By The Court against me, as proceedings could not have commenced, where the fee for the proceedings have not been paid.
    11) Since no evidence of an Eviction has been presented, in evidence, I suggest, that Eversheds LLP and Santander PLC, are relying solely, on someone to unlawfully assist them, in a court of law, by committing the CRIMINAL ACT Of FRAUD UPON THE COURT.

    12) To Summarise, Eversheds LLP have failed to prove any authority upon which they can act in this matter, and to justify billing my account with monies accordingly, or to define and classify myself and lawful occupants as trespassers.

    13) Therefore the only lawful action that can be taken in this matter, to avoid acts of FRAUD UPON THE COURT, is to make and issue an order, for full disclosure within a reasonable period of time (14 days),failing which the matter of the purported claim, be set aside.

    14) I wish to make a counter-claim, once I see the evidence, upon which the purported claimants are relying, or attempting to conceal.

    I kindly require any order made in this trial, to be signed and sealed, in accordance with the County Court Act 1984, s135, and the reasons given for the Order.



    : :

    “non-negotiable autograph, all rights reserved”.

    I the undersigned Commissioner for Oaths, do hereby affirm, that :Avon-Lucas-Valerian: Symister, personally appeared before me on April 1st 2016 and signed the above Affidavit.

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