1. I do agree with you that cryptocurrencies will be the future, but I dislike the whole "It costs $1000 in computing power to create a Bitcoin" argument. It only costs that much because of the number of miners on the network. The more miners on the network and the higher of difficulty it is to mine bitcoin blocks. The number of miners usually correlates to the current market price of bitcoin as well, so if bitcoin crashes, miners will no longer be able to profit and leave and the difficulty will be adjusted, causing the price to create a bitcoin to fall as well! This argument doesnt give an intrinsic value to Bitcoin, its all currently market speculation. I think crypto is the future and am heavily invested, money and time and research wise, but this argument is not the best to use as it can be debunked fairly quickly!

  2. I'm thinking we saw the low for the year unless this rally is short lived or just whales and not new money. I'm thinking when robinhood starts trading and the income tax checks start rolling out things are gonna heat up. My sales in prior years always start going up in March April. So fingers crossed. Great vids man. I'm a crypto dad too.

  3. It's gonna go between $2500 and $4000. I don't know why people is listening to someone that recommends to buy a coin for dentist. Absurd. And by the way your concepts are horrible Bitcoin isn't worth more than the USD because it takes energy to produce, we value things as the Subjective theory of value by Carl Menger. David Ricardo's intrinsic value theory you are subscribing to lead to Communism and makes no sense.

  4. You can't necessary assume post bubble burst correction activity will reflect historical ride up crashes.. fiat currency is still transactional.. so yes it still has massive value.. eventually fedcoin etc will crash the entire crypto game.. mark my words.

  5. Mate you must understand most of hodlers sold when the price peak around 20k-15k there is no hodler left, now you are with whales, wallstreet, scammers, speculators, weak hands, daily traders and the goverments for sure! you gave your money control to them it doesnt matter you are short time or long time investing, you will lose at the end anyway because the bitcoin party is over months ago, and you people too late. go back to your job at mcdonalds

  6. its going to the 4000's and won't come back as quickly, it will build up slowly while people are looking the other way and then it will start skyrocketing when nobody is paying attention

  7. the elite are pumping money out of the cryptos. and will be working on destroying the stock market.. I think it will fall more but not without one last rally (crypto and stock) … then the stock crash, the cryptos will rise massively at this point.. my opinion.

  8. First thing about ever making it is taking a risk, i wonder why most crypto people buy in and hold their coin out of fear of loosing it, its like buying a property and just hoping it appreciates when you can actually do more like rent it off while watching it appreciate, however i believe making investments that ring back daily profits is the way to go, invested 7btc back in July but now its worth over 12btc, so why hold when you can invest promptly,  for a successful and profitable CryptoCurrency Trading kindly email me however so you dont fall into the wrong hands, i'll tell you about it.. I am also offering Crypto Course for beginners and professionals alike.

  9. I have to disagree with the statement about the energy cost put into bitcoin… the difference is that the energy isn't stored, it's wasted. Yeah you have a bitcoin but it's not tangible. It will always take a certain amount of energy to extract gold but the cost of extracting a bitcoin can go up and down depending on demand.

  10. I like you better than almost all of the big so called experts on youtube they were all wrong my other favourite is Vincent Biatore. All those so called experts etc like Suppoman etc they just bought in early made lots.

  11. They aren't allowing buys basically right now. No CC's. Paypal not being taken by Coinbase right now. I can't even verify my bank debit card as the Coinbase system is giving errors when correct test debits are entered. I can't buy at these low prices right now unless I wait one week for an ACH.

  12. My simple math and observation is this; Bitcoin is dropping every week by 30% from its weekly lows ( from $7000 minus 30%= $4900). So 11 Feb. Bitcoin falls to $5000. 18 Feb. falls to $3800. 25 Feb. falls to $3000, and so on. The $2000 price level is a whopping 90% decline from it's December high. I'm optimistic that it will surge back up, the general international population is hooked on it… remember Blackberry, they called it crackberry, haha

  13. this idea that what happened in the past will happen in the future is nonsense. all these crypto channels sound the same. say it will go to the moon, and it will. wishful thinking. emotional statements and so on. I made a video recently about this and the psychological aspect of what is going on. Walk away from crypto and focus on your lives

  14. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Bitcoin…Shitcoin…just another strategy to wipe out the middle class. Rich just got richer and poor got poorer. In this whole scheme people like the one above have been just tools. Are you still holding and wishing it will go back? or even worse, are you buying more? don't be kidding yourself. What mass adoption? are there more geeks in the world except us who already messed out with crypto? ask yourself this:will your father, uncle, neighbour buy Bitcoin? NO. Because it's a complicated process and the coins are not safe to keep. It's a decentralized ponzi scheme, pump and dump for billionaires without consequences. A BUBBLE! You saw what happened, if you are dumb enough to put your money in the grinder again then you deserve to be separate from them.

  15. Your giving people bad advice. There are no guarantees that this is the bottom and no one knows the actual market value of bitcoin. It is 100% speculative. Bitcoin may go all the way back too $200. Your opinion is bias and nobody should take what you say too seriously.

  16. It’s really scary times ,, what if you buy today then it dips to 2000 and stays there ?
    Don’t forget that the powerful Jewish walstreet is invested heavily in it now so basically they control it .
    I don’t trust anything these mother fuckers control

  17. Stop comparing crashes with percentage when they happened two magnitudes lower on market capitalisation. It's so fucking easy to pump something from 100 to 200 million. But you need to convince a fucking lot of people when going from 300 to 500 billion again. Where is your growth perspective? Most enthusiasts (Bitcoin kids) are already in. Who should follow? Investment professionals? ROTFLMAO. Without products – and i looked hard at all the AltCoin and couldn't see ANYTHING. NOTHING AT ALL – they will not jump on board but instead buy a painting at sotheby's for 100 million instead.

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