The Great Crypto “Crash” Of 2018 – To Panic Sell Or Not To Panic Sell?

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  1. I love when we say "2 months of value has been wiped out." as if the true 'value' can be wiped out something that has true value. Tell that story to a dozen eggs, or a gallon of gas, or to a bar of silver. It's value does not behave in this manner. (because it has 'true' value) not a perceived value. But this can never be explained to those who do not study Austrian economics, free markets, and voluntarism. The magic bunny as I call it, always controls the minds of people who think that reality is whatever 'we decide' rather than reality being fixed and true, and being what it has always been. This is not a condemnation of crypto investing at all… it's just an observation worth serious consideration.

  2. Dude you are the best!!!! I see so many Youtubers making crypto videos just for the attention…your videos are short and to the point!!!! And your voice is cool and friendly!!!! Thank you very much for all the work you do!!!! Peace!!! Future I see, crypto big will be;)))

  3. Coinmarketcap should make 24 hour graph as the default graph just like seeing 24 hour % change. Showing whole history of a coin by default is not good even if it is going up and up.

  4. wonder why news don't mention that bitcoin is up 800 percent over since last year still so how is this bad lol. yes its down but they seem to not mention this of don't no any better lol.

  5. You have no clue how to invest. Zero clue, sounds like a basic seminar class. BTC is going to continue to drop as no law has been passed. There will be a point when it's low enough the rich will want to get richer and lobbyist will rally for laws. Until that day comes hold fast my young eager ears.

  6. I have noticed for a while now that your videos appear to have lower than normal volume when compared to other youtube channels. I love your nice and short crypto news update videos, right to the point no fluff.

  7. who gives a shit about India anyway!!!! this bullshits are coming now on weekly jokes…, sure next time Congo will ban Crypto and then it will be the end…, lol.., just this market show how full of shit people are…..

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