The Formula for Crypto Pumps is Counter-intuitive

When investing in cryptocurrency, you’d think that the projects with the most adoption and usable products might perform the best. That’s where you might be surprised to find out that the projects…


  1. Spot on Bobby. As counter-intuitive as it is, this model seems to hold true for so many crypto projects and also helps explain why EOS & Tron are pumping so hard and will fall just as hard. This wont change until there is mass adoption and a real valuation comes around which may still be a couple of years away.

  2. Warren Buffett doesn't do a lot of trading. He says he's a patient batter just waiting for the right pitch. If a stock is priced right and it's a good company, swing! Otherwise don't take a chance. Why invest time in pump-N-dumps, seems much more risky.

  3. "Be aware of the whales 🐳 they pump & dump the price" – The majority of crypto traders believe that markets move randomly and is based on a collective wisdom of investors, however the truth is quite the opposite. Markets are often manipulated by few players. Big market participants – the so called whales – and insiders control and manipulate markets up and down to maximize profit. Market manipulation is undeniable and unavoidable, so don’t ignore it. It is not only the unregulated crypto market that are subject to manipulation it happens across all financial markets (stock, bonds, currencies, commodities, etc.). However, the crypto markets are much more prone to manipulation.🐳🐋🐳🐋

  4. Also much prefer projects that just go about their business and aren’t all hype, let their actions/product speak for itself, obviously marketing etc. is important but many of these projects are in this for the long run and aren’t concerned with short term pumps etc. Why hype something up that doesn’t even exist, be interesting to see what happens to the price of these hype coins when they can’t follow through on their promises. We will see which mentality wins out in the long run.

  5. I think coins that will pump & dump are fairly easy to find. Especially if you keep an eye on the markets day to day.
    Find coins with very low current volumes, that you know are sometimes on the higher volume end of the pile. I make some good side profits utilising this, with a small part of my btc balance

  6. Unintelligent people who listen to wankers then cause FUD . Unfortunately social controls all. I like it when the head guy gets interviewed properly and he/she makes sense.

  7. For me, as a long term investor, FA is key. A good usecase, a solid team, and a realistic roadmap… preferably with some good (not over-enthousiastic) marketing. I'm loading bags to keep and till 2020/2021, hoping I'll have the MSs, Apples & Amazons at that time.

  8. I know you won’t speak directly about airswap now – but it did not dump at launch because it is real it works and it is an awesome project.

  9. Pillar was a great example of hype about it's launch driving it sky high. However, as soon as they started doing demo videos, the hype died, and the price crashed… It got too close to release 😉

  10. My 2 cents. Like you said a lot of these are just speculation. So make your money with these insane pumps and moves while you can. However, like the dot com bubble, I feel there will be the coins that come out of all of this and will be the blockchain versions of apple, amazon, paypal, etc. A lot of these will be gone, but I'm just hoping that I hold a little piece of the ones that will be huge in 7 years.

  11. My criteria: Forget looking at the website/whitepaper, instead go to their sub-reddit or search on twitter and find the coin with the most posts containing the following: "MOON!" "BETTER THAN BITCOIN" "LAMBO!". Also as an added bonus, if their sub-reddit is filled with threads that make absolutely no sense technically then you're almost guaranteed a minimum of 10x.

  12. It's a great observation. Makes you feel like a significant portion the people talking about the revolutionary aspect of crypto are full of crap. What percent of investors (speculators) are here solely for the crazy pumps? Would they be here if 10% was considered a huge gain instead of 10x? Makes it very difficult to say what the valuations of these products will be when they are actually products. Will people still be interested in 5-10 years when the market settles with actual working product? Who knows?

  13. To make money, follow the schillers with the most Twitter followers, and Telegram members.. I've noticed one tweet can move a coin, or some rumor on TG .. I find the overlaps and make those my moon shots.. ironically my best performers thus far, and yes.. they have an X in their name

  14. exactly thats why i invested in tron biggest hype coin out there… i dont put alot into these projects but i do invest around 10% of my portfolio into hype the rest is diversified into 40% into projects i like and think will be around a long time and 50% into bitcoin

  15. Great video Bobby!! 👍 👌
    I welcome everyone to the word of Edenchain, QuarkChain, Pchain and all the other chains that follows it. Oh and he missed one of the criteria being having chain in the name. Lol. I wish they could become 10% of the remaining 2% of the projects. 😂😂😂

  16. Great coverage here Bobby. This trend has been very annoying to me lately, as a person who tends to invest in projects with legitimate products… My pump indicator these days is launch of the platform or main net. EOS, Tron, Vechain, High Performance Blockchain, and Ontology all have main net launches on either May 31 or June 1.. and they're all growing in valuation as if they had just partnered with the United States. Kyber Network launches tomorrow and it has increased in value more than 3X in the past 3 weeks… 100% a week isn't bad. I'm pretty sure if an investor decided that all he/she was going to do is invest in every top 100 crypto 5 weeks before main net, hold, and then sell 36 hours before launch, that that investor would probably do better than 95% of the crowd. That's my two cents. Cheers

  17. People are just suckers for hype and will buy into it at the drop of a hat without thinking about it, despite warning signs being there. This happens a lot with sports betting like in boxing for example, whenever an overhyped popular fighter who has fought low quality opponents steps up against a proven fighter with maybe 1 or 2 losses but excels in an area where the hype job is weak, the odds usually favour the hype job because all of the casual fans who don't know any better will put thousands on him to win and tilt the odds. Then when the hype job losses the fight and thus their money, the casual fans get angry and blame the overhyped fighter instead of themselves for blindly betting on hype instead of researching the match of styles properly. Crypto in a way reminds me of this with the mindset people have, they buy hype and hope, then if it doesn't deliver they start pointing the finger at others.

  18. If one believes in the longterm value of crypto, he/she will be driven to invest in cryptos whose values aren't purely based on speculation (ie, they actually have a product). Gambling pays off…until it doesn't. I'll chase a scammy ICO token that's about to pump…but it's purely with the intent of increasing bag sizes of cryptos I believe have legitimate longterm value (Bitcoin, DigiByte, Litecoin: all of which are traditionalUTXO blockchains with proven security and uses).

  19. Honestly, the entire space as much as there are people working to get this tech into main stream adoption there are also those who see the chance to scam, to take peoples money and cause FOMO. Whether you say you are interested in the tech and each and everyone of us very might well be and truly have a passion for the tech, however I feel there are in turn a lot of people who are in it for the quick dollar as the nature of this space allows for that to happen. It is quite easy for new investors with maybe a bit of guidance to get into the space and buy some crypto. I can go right now to my neighbor, convince him to buy BTC and set up a coinbase account and get him rolling. For me personally it was much simpler than traditional markets to get into but it could just be me.

    Anyhow the fact that people don't really know whats going on and markets can be easily manipulated to see these massive pumps causes a lot of new investors to fear that they are actually going to miss the next google or amazon. People are greedy, they want the money. And most of us in this space, as much as you may refuse to say you're not in it for the money and you're all about the tech, I bet you're looking for some massive gains and that's perfectly fine. I feel that's why these pump and dumps, and scam coins work so well. We got a bunch of people gambling hoping they will be right, tossing money at projects trying to get in at the ground floor and trying to make those gains. That's the nature of it, at the end of the day, whoever brings out the tech to mainstream adoption will begin the trend for a less speculative insane market. Until then, people are gonna gamble, some will win and lots will lose. I agree there is a lot of dishonesty in this space and ruthless activity, unfortunately man's greed continues to dominate.

  20. Thanks, Bobby. While on the topic of Carter, perhaps you two fine blokes can provide us with a video collab at a convenient time that suits you both. I'm my opinion, the two of you provide the absolute finest info about crypto fundamentals in your own unique ways. A good 45-60 minute video with the two of you would be tops. Cheers.

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