1. Darn Natasha….you called it a "book" I thought it was cheap firestarter…and it wouldn't even light up…I"m sitting up here in the Canadian cold freezing my butt off. Thank God I have a book that explains why..".What Happened"

  2. It's the OAN news network! How funny! I just found that news network 3 days ago and immediately fell in love with the blonde newscaster. She is great! And a breath of fresh air. Her name is Liz Wheeler and I started following her on Twitter:


    So funny you brought her up. We are all truly on the same wavelength in this war against evil. But your channel is just as great as hers. I've been watching all of your old videos and I love the advice you have given over the years about toxic people and how to get past them. I know you said you had a thriving candy business in the past that you really loved, but I think you have truly found another "sweet spot" with this channel because I am really enjoying the videos.

  3. Why ban the book. Banning the book only makes it more TEMPTING…..and yes a distraction. Call for ppl to BOYCOTT THE BOOK VOLUNTARILY….FROM FREE WILL.

    It's a sham. I won't throw my money away through its purchase

  4. Holy Spirit yesterday called it a 'gossip mag between hard covers…trash'! Ha ha ha! What the person (cannot even call him a man, or really a person for that matter) tried to do through this book, will boomerang back heavily against himself! Trump will just keep on being mightily successful. Even CNN had to admit that 'author' is a joke.

  5. Hold on! I usually agree with most of what you say on your channel.. The book as we all know is full of lies and cover-up bs.. But I can't in good conscience say I agree with this video.. Our country was founded on our constitution.. And I got the feeling that you might have just walked on the First Amendment.. If speech is to continue to be free then we as conservatives have to hold ourselves to the same standard.. I'm not saying I like the idea of someone bashing on our president DONALD TRUMP. But sometimes we have to swallow our pride and allow people to say what they want. I as a patriot of this country will stand against anybody that tries to take away the rights of others.. No matter what creed color or race.. I fight for my country and I fight for people to be right and wrong..

  6. If it's true there is a big problem because you can buy the Kindle Version and read it right now on Amazon! Sadly I hate that every step Trump has to walk is in a world of negativity. So much hate thrown at Trump everyday it makes my heart hurt for him and our country!!!

  7. It is likely a despicable book, and I am not going to read it. HOWEVER who do you want to trust to sort these things out?? Surely not the government, or the courts.

  8. If the publisher breaks 'the law' by DISTRIBUTING the book illegally, before the hearing re Cease & Desist order, then surely he will suffer consequences for that. If the book is RELEASED (it has been already) and there are serious libels & slanders PUBLISHED in it, then the Author & Publisher may find their "profits" disappearing in payment of DAMAGES. Popcorn Time!!!

  9. If one statement in that book is false…the entire book becomes suspect and logically cannot be believed. Cherry picking "FACTS" doesn't cut it. You cannot forbid a book to be published as that is drifting away from democracy.

  10. Don't forget Monday Trump gave out fake news awards. Then within 2 days this book lands front and centre! It's all stage-craft and entertainment. Look look! Over here….pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Take a chill pill folks.

  11. Its a joke. He doesnt even know whats true. They said he sat in the hall of the west wing and just talked to people coming and going. So thats why the writer said he does not really know whats true. Its all a joke. Just in time to distract us. It doesnt worry me.

  12. The Left believe the general "tenor" of the book is correct even if many of the details it"s based on are incorrect (which is irrelevant to their deluded minds!) Sounds like a good example of pure propoganda to me.

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