The EOS Times | The NEW Bitcoin Mining 2.0(40% Monthly ROI!)

In today’s episode of The EOS Times we discuss how staking EOS DApp tokens could be the best ROI opportunity of our lifetimes since Bitcoin mining. Let me …


  1. I made a total of $495,556 from bitcoin investment last year some people believe this bitcoin is a scam but for me it has lift my days and taken a step but it is true there are a lot of professionals with their different strategies thanks to Mr Keals method i have nothing to worry about if you are having difficulties I strongly recommend you contact Mr Keals not a second late for help on Kealchristian@gmail. Com

  2. the only strategy that's ever worked has been to get in early and hodl. which sounds pretty simple but it's the hardest trade to make. but great video as usual 😁

  3. Love your show brother!

    Your math is way off however.

    At current price of 0.135 per POKER the monthly return is about 10%.

    Still great return but nowhere close to as high as you suggest.

    Keep doing what you do, good show!

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