The end of bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort 2018

“Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort warns Richard Quest about getting into bitcoin. he bitcoin boom may be over. And the death of the cryptocurrency craze may well come at the hands of government…


  1. Okay I started with a dislike, then liked but ended up unliking again when you started talking about Bitcoin (and other cryptos) going down to 0.
    Sorry dude, but local markets will always exist and that's enough for it to never reach 0.
    I agree on tether though.

  2. It's interesting he continuously makes the claim of blockchain being valuable while cryptocurrencies are not. If he understood how distributed ledger tech works (like he says he does) then he should know that cryptocurrencies serve a vital function for any truly decentralized blockchain to be successful. Verification of transactions (mining, staking, etc.) and consensus mechanisms that instill all of the trust and security within the system only happen because there is an incentive…in the form of a cryptocurrency. Blockchain would not have been here if it weren't for bitcoin, and the case can be made that blockchains cannot exist without cryptocurrency.

  3. "A lot of people will be going to jail for corruption."
    Yes, just like all the bankers who caused the 2008 financial crash went to jail for corruption. Oh, but wait they didn't surely this can't be because governments are corrupted. I won't fucking sell until the disgusting corruption of governments is brought down and that will be done mainly through decentralization. You almost got me Jordan but now go tell your jews I'm not selling.

  4. You get commends saying you don't know what you're talking about because you really don't.
    I'll give you that Tether is BS.
    The technology enables (illegally) the ability for these ICOs to not give a f*ck about securities laws.
    The governments do NOT have the ability to shut it down. This is why you're criticized, as this is literally impossible. As long as two computers have consent on the state of the block-chain, it is still operational.
    This is the future of your economy. It was created anonymously, and supported, initially, by nerds in their basements that say things like FUD, YOLO, HODL and worship a Egyptian frog.
    Regulations are not bad. If you watched the hearing, you'll see that there was mention of many opportunities and an effort to be open and lenient.

    Also, you need to read up on ChainLINK.

    Here are some keywords that you'll want to pay attention to.
    I promise you'll be pleased. Hyperledger, JP Morgan Chase, Quorum, Smart Contracts, Oracles, Project Ubin.

  5. "I know everything about Blockchain and Bitcoin" You didn't develop any technical aspect in your video.
    You whinge like a kiddo "They call me a Moron, a fudder" seriously you're triggered by this ? Boomers are so dumb…
    Financial crisis wil happen because of stupid fat braindead burgers like you. I'm sorry for you dude this is so pityful.
    I don't even care about BTC or prices, your behaviour is enough to tell you : Yes you're dumb.

  6. All great points and indeed things to watch out for but you could be way off with your timing and the market could hit trillions before shit hits the fan. He probably should have added this part of the equation

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