The Daily Economist update for March 11 2018 – Gold, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency Report

Economic, financial, and geo-political discussion on important events that are shaping our world, and your wallet. –


  1. Ken your channel deserves much more subs, I thinks it's because it's still relatively new. Greg Hunter many times said that his interview with Mr Sinclair helped him to get credibility and my opinion exposure. I suggest you interview some of the alt media names in your channel.. Jackass L.P. Rickards Sinclair Holter Peter Schiff, Zang.. you know the usual suspects .. they will advertise your site in theirs and get more exposure. I know some consider Rickards to be odd in the list but he is a gold advocate he is warning about dollar replacement and all. Besides he is an insider so to speak. It's all good making interviews in others site but put more flavour to yours too. It's a win win. Love your work . Keep it up.

  2. You should cover the Mt Gox Trustee btc sell offs. Prices going down sharply isn't always due just to SEC fud. You need to keep track of this type of thing with a wider view as crypto space is global and not narrowly USA centric.There's plenty more driving crypto space to cover.

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