The Daily Economist – Gold, Bitcoin and a Government Shutdown (01/20/2018)

Economic, financial, and geo-political discussion on important events that are shaping our world, and your wallet. – We are …


  1. Gold money and Shiff gold take many criptos for gold and silver. And then you can convert your precious metals to a MasterCard debit/credit card. Has been going on for Months. Please do better research and stop creating FUD

  2. Yes Re futures and the manipulation I agree it’s very possible as u explain .. but ( not being financial! I’m a welder !!) the rinse repeat format would then happen at higher prices going forward due to bitcoin adoption , yes ? Also as more people buy in a percentage are just hodling so rare its will drive price up as manipulators want to load up .. yes? Thnjs for an interesting pod cast 👏✌️

  3. Interesting show but possibly a little behind the curve as regards bitcoin and the implementation of lightening network and slowly but surely speeding up transactions and lower fees , r s k on bitcoin blockchain 2 nd layer is a smart contract upgrade shnoor signatures also enable faster transaction . The bitcoin network agreed is slow but is sooo secure the upgrades are starting and happening through test net and live chain .. so be patient for security sake and enjoy the digital soldier of future wealth . And as for selling bitcoin for gold ! keep the bitcoin buy the possible nxt dip to $7500! And have both gold and bitcoin . Thnks 👏✌️

  4. If hedge funds can sell and buy stocks in microseconds to manipulate the markets…I have no doubt in my mind they can do the same thing with Gold and Bitcoin. Everything about the markets is manipulated! 🙁 Thanks for the information!

  5. Yes. The government intelligence agencies developed a CENTRALIZED block chain idea, which is what Ripple's about. They're fighting back by scamming people back into THEIR system! We have a beautiful chance to destroy the legacy system with decentralizing commerce on the blockchain. The CME was their main entrance point. Educated people in the cryppto world know what they're up to. We can ALL spot the tricksters a mile away if we all get educated about cryptos and WHY they're here! There are scammers in the crypto markets, but Wall Street & government make them look like kids on a playground! This is WHY cryptos are here. Let's not shoot ourselves in the foot with "asset-backed cryptos" or any other scams they're running! They've inverted every positive thing for humanity, and cryptos CAN bring organic commerce/free market back….if we stand against any involvement with the cabals' crypto scams!

  6. Most people that have had an account for over 2 months had coinbase should be allowed to take out 100 k a day I don't even have close to that but it's what I'm allowed the trick is buying had a low price because nobody wants to sell because they know the value

  7. Why don’t Pure Gold collaborate with bullion dealers to create a new spot price? Owners of the crypto can redeem their physical bullion from participating dealers to buy and sell their bullion.

  8. Easier to swap your Bitcoin into Litecoin then purchase gold from a dealer that accepts Litecoin as payment as the transaction is authorised inside 2 minutes. I use Bitgild to swap my cryptos for gold and silver.

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