The Cryptocurrency Signal Finder

I made this video in 1440p quality because why not 😉 The Cryptocurrency Signal Finder is by far the most useful tool that I have found to assist traders. It offers …


  1. Nice video! Only a thing, when i save all it not save for example Ratings selected, if i select just Strong Buy and then save, it will come back to all ratings (strong buy, buy, sell, strong sell…), it is valid for all collumns and everytime i need to set all specs again, so that save is to save only the collumns and not the details from collumns, or is another way?

  2. Another great trading video. I watched your video for breakout trading but don't know how to set up all the filters as your doing in this video for trend trading. can you help in setting this up. thx

  3. Great video, could you please also explain how can I modify the value for a particular indicator? Let's say that I want to change the standard MACD (12, 27) with a custom MACD (14, 30), how can I do that? Thanks!

  4. thank you so much for pointing this out, ive been looking for something like this for a while now, yet never knew tradingview had it all along hahhaha. Would love more follow up videos using this, particularly when it comes to reversals, and I've had most of my success when buying coins with super low rsi

  5. Has anyone figured out how to add alerts? This is stressing me out. Is it a problem with tradingview or are we looking at it wrong? It keeps saying must add one filter. Also is there away just to single out one coin you want alerts on? Just BTC for example for shorting? Please and thank you

  6. This looks like a very powerful tool that really needs to be used right to work. I wonder, has anyone done backtesting for different indicator combinations to determine the success rate of "blindly" buying and selling the strong recommendations of the signal finder?

  7. This seems like one of those things that is too good to be true; if this really gives you accurate trade signals for free, why isn't every trader in the world talking about it? What am I missing? Has anyone actually used this feature successfully?

  8. HEllo Again, I wonder if you might clarify on a point. I configured the signals the same way that you showed in the video. When I sort and look at things that are 'Strong Buy' and then look at my trading view chart it seems that many of them might be contradicted. In particular I'm looking at 15m and 1hr charts, and noticing that Strong Buy signals for things that appear already overbought according to Stoch RSI indicator and Bollinger band upper contact. What are your thoughts on this? Again thanks for your work I've been watching a lot of your stuff and you explain very clearly. Once i accumulate some profits of trades in the near future I'll be more than happy to contribute. For the moment I am a little locked in some not so great trades.

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