The Crypto Show: Episode 1 – Bitcoin TA, News, Alt Coins, Bitcoin Giveaway!

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  1. Great video man! Would you by chance be into the idea of doing an ICO review? I've been extremely interested in a few projects like Fr8 Network, Airstayz, and Daostack, would love to hear your take on them!

  2. Should really use this weekly show to keep us updated on the portfolio challenge. Can't remember what you called it, but you bought a bunch of alt coins for later updates. Why not update it every week? Love ya vids man.

  3. Crypto Oracle you always amazed me, your thoughts and how you present your contents is absolutely brilliant. I learn a lot from your video! ๐Ÿ˜€ I wish you make a video about undervalued privacy coins. I currently move on long-term HODL of privacy coins and I really want to know your insights about this, especially the coins in my portfolio (Dash,PIVX and DeepOnion). Cheers!

  4. BNB coin blah blah no thanks. Iโ€™d buy ONT ZIL and ZRX over that. ONT currently 5.55 And ZIL is .066 and ZRX is .694….. all three will outperform BNB 14.83….. game on

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