The CRYPTO CRASH Of 2018 And The FUTURE Of BITCOIN – Hint: Blockchain Tech Isn’t Going Away!



  1. So glad all those crypto tards lost money. How dare you people lie cheat and steal and call it business. There isnt a crypto in the world that gains its value from being used as an actual currency. All of their value comes from day trader manipulations and sheer speculation. Crypto is a commodity, an almost worthless one in public hands, not a currency, currently.

  2. And if you don't think the crypto market is or won't be rigged (pun intended), read this article: At least with banking you can do your business and have a certain amount of confidence the dollar is only on a steady decline and not volatile like cryptos. The only reason to buy Bitcoin in particular is speculation, and the common folk and ignorant will get burned. Don't think for a minute that government can't freeze or steal that asset (I use the term asset lightly) If trying to use bitcoin or cryptos to avoid paying taxes, especially on any profits, that has proven fruitless, as the government knows. Better off with gold of silver if you want to hold something tangible and portable and non traceable at the end of the day. The NWO; banking cartel, wants all on cryptos. Cryptos and Hashgraph have their place in the world, but if anyone thinks it is anything more than, at the moment, gambling in a variation of the stock/bond market, as opposed to just another form of banking style commerce, is truly deluded. Does anybody still believe that some random asian dude created Bitcoin all by his lonesome? How many cryptos do we need. Mining? Really? Read the above article and tell me big business isn't involved. Cheers

  3. Bit coin is a nice looking new variety of tulip, but a the end of the day at best, it’s just a tulip on paper. A picture. Bit coin shows up just before The crash. My opinion.

  4. Excellent assessment. This is a shakedown–perhaps due to some nefarious interference from master manipulators–of the Bitcoin market pricing. Your price points seem very believable. A long-term bear down to 2,500ish or lower is likely, then the big hands will come back in for an epic rally. Well done, guys.

  5. Crypto is a ponzi scheme, if you bought in and need to get out without losing, of cause you would hype it up to get your money out. Money is a ponzi too, what did God give us, gold and silver with fair weights and measures. Honest wealth!

  6. Sorry Dan but I can't buy into this guys vision, because I know for a fact NOTHING is going to be allowed to compete with that 'mark in the right-hand global financial system which rides on the cashless blockchain which was set up using the 'enthusiasm' of the crypto pumpers to give it legitimacy under the cry that it was the road to freedom from the same people who own and control the present global system. Do you remember those heady days when Joe-Snip and the like were crowing about private transactions hidden from the globalists? What a shame Bitcoin got prostituted out to the derivatives market by those Big-Boys who love to screw-up everything THEY get THEIR hands on. That Antichrist fella IS coming with his mark for your hand, and NOTHING is going to Trump that!

  7. There is no comparison between precious metals and bitcoin. Gold and silver have tremendous value in industrial applications such as electronics. Even if these metals somehow lost their "artistic" value, they remain essential. Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, though the concept of the block chain does have value for various purposes.

  8. "it will keep going down until at some stage it will go up.. and in my fantasy world everyone is going to pile in and push it up more crazily than ever before – but to be honest – i am just pulling numbers out of my ass"

  9. I liquidated the kids college education fund years ago and loaded up on Doge Coin .. sold it at ALL its peak .. did the same with Bitcion back in Dec 2017 And now my kids are set for life. They only go to college now for shitz and giggles. Which is what it should be called anyhow.

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