The Crime Syndicate Is Still Using The Same Economic Tricks: Jeff Nielson

Today’s Guest: Jeff Nielson Most of artwork that are included with these videos have been created by X22 Report and they are used as a representation of the …


  1. Thank you for Jeff Nielson. He is a giant of big picture analysis and not many channels have him on.
    I do regular youtube searches for any new uploads with Jeff. He is the creme de la creme de la big picture boheme.

  2. Dave, your guest, Jeff, was just getting into a very interesting discussion about the motivation and methods that the banksters and the Fed were using to manipulate the money supply and value of the U.S. dollar, when you effectively cut him off and suddenly ended the interview. Unlike all of your previous interviews, you didn't even afford him an opportunity to give out his contact information or web sites where the listeners could go to examine and review his work.

    Because you are usually a great host with relevant and knowledgeable guests, I have been an avid listener to your show for a long time. But what happened here???

  3. I agree about the futures trading breaking Bitcoin. Few people understand that once the futures trading opened, banks can short sell imaginary Bitcoin between themselves and manipulate the price lower. It's not coming back.

  4. Not any good jobs either with tons of competition for not even that great of a job.

    Just a bunch employment agencies that dont really have jobs. One job for 30 people too bad for the 29 people that dont get it.

  5. I was walking around yesterday looking at the homes in Beverly Hills and all I could think of was how many hundreds of schemes do these jews have in place in our society? From the hidden kosher tax to real estate to the federal Reserve. They steal all day everyday from us all. Will this be brought to an end? That's the real question

  6. what are the globalists setting their sights on now (well, "now" isn't really 'current' but, for this discussion…)? the internet…controlling the internet. censorship may not be for the sake of stopping "Alex Jones" & company, (since that really won't work) but, it's the REACTION that they want! Let's all SCREAM for the GOVERNMENT to DO SOMETHING! even if you have to DESTROY our freedom of speech & freedom of access…WE WANT BIG GOV'T CONTROLS!!! is Blockchain technology a threat to their WORLD DOMINATION? then you bet they're way ahead of us (we just react WAY later than they've got things implemented/imbedded). they play us like a fiddle & the Jeffs, Bixs & so many others will become the "new" globalists.

  7. An intelligent guest and a good conversation, i like it. But not smart enough to take that drops or gum out of his mouth while speaking (last 15 minutes). It's fckn ridiculous, i can hear you sucking on something everytime you speak. Come on man are you kidding me? and don't tell me it's the connection, i call BS.

  8. I love Jeff Neilson! Jeff is absolutely right about Futures supressing cryptos. ETF's will do the same (if implemented), as it's just another tool of manipulation. BUT, humanity now has a choice of Centralized tokens & coins (Centralized block chain nodes) vs. DE-Centralized coins & tokens (thousands and hundreds of thousands of nodes). Humanity has never had this choice available. The criminals are trying to play catch up, by utilizing these tools AND Centralized Exchanges to facilitate their interference in the crypto markets. WELL, the good news is, apps will soon be emerging everywhere, eliminating centralized exchanges for buying cryptos with fiat! This is just another arm of the deep state's war on humanity. When the banks fall, so will echanges as they are tied to banks. Those of us who already have a lot of decentralized coins & tokens, will still be able to transact despite the fall of the banking system. There is still hope for the cryptos. lt's just going to take the People becoming educated as to recognizing de-centralized block chain participation vs. participation on on the centralized block chains.

  9. I agree Jeff is correct in his analysis of the Banksters creating phony money to control everything. Comrade Bank slaves that is the way it is. So why are the Russians and Chinese hoarding so much gold? Do they see this Bankster cabal era finally getting dismantled.

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