The Crash Is Coming! Prepare For Economic Collapse 2018 Stock Market Crash!

Will the US Economic Collapse Happen in 2018? The economic forecast for 2018 is more than bleak, and there is more than enough economic data out there to …


  1. I like volatility index… i love women… and really, i do not mind about anything… as long as it is very expensive,,, and worth nothing at all… my every single dollar is worth quite exactly 1 to 1.5 penny… a little more, a little less…

  2. 425 comment… much, much bigger… as I been saying for the last 69 years… precisely ten years before I could see… precisely & approximately before i began to I wonder why… yet, one day, i know now it is going to go ahead no matter why, no matter how…

  3. Actually, I am a natural collapse… always lose… not my fault… blame Obama… blame Trump… blame myself… how's my English… my book isn't out yet… but it's coming… before the first bomb…

  4. There was a crash planned by the Elites to happen approx 4-5 months after the last election but they needed Hillary installed as president to carry this out as they have her under the elites control, God intervened and upset their riggeg election and God put Trump in to disrupt the elites plan to begin the collapse and bring in the New World Order, News flash – now the elites belive Trump will most likely win in 2020 and the Elites now have changed their agenda to make alot of money during Trumps rain in office, Drilling rigs from around the world have been & are being sent back to America , This info is from a reliable source from within the Elites and they are gonna make America the leader producer of Oil By 2020 and the Stock market is gonna go higher then it ever has in the coming years ! As long as Trump stays in power the Elites plan a time of prospering and business growth. Watch and see folks , watch what will happen in Saudia Arabia , the Elites are gonna cause problems and plannned Disruption so Saudia Arabia cannot produce its Oil at peak levels and so this will give way to America becoming the largest producer by the 2020's ! You heard it here folks and its not that Im a prophet I just get info that has been leaked from the Elites. So wait and watch it unfold you will be amazed .The Stock Market is going to prosper like never before in the coming years!

  5. They want to take our guns so when the economy tanks when America cannot pay our debt; we won't be able to mass against our masters who raised inflation 300 fold and put us all on the streets because we can't pay our loans and mortgages. That's right if America defaults on its loans and the corporations/Banks can't pay their loans they will raise your interest rate sky high and corperations will raise their prices sky high. The coperations not to big to fail will go out of business leaving millions out of work. It will become a dictatorship and communist state

  6. Who is making these cheesy videos with flames at the bottom??? There are a bunch of them on YouTube all predicting the end of time. The libertarian party?

  7. The big world players are probably hedging on a crash but will wait when the time is right . The Brexit and Trump wins probably shook them up a bit so they may abide their time , Lowering your personal debt is probably the best way to defend against a recession, stocking up in Silver Gold another.

  8. I hope the world wakes up and moves away from the dollar. The bubble will pop again and if the world moves away the only country to suffer be the US alone for causing it.

  9. WRONG, its already 2018 and no sings of crash, there was some volatility but no more than that, USA is a rich nation and has enough resources to be a huge potential for many and many years, the only problem is population, China is bigger but having more population doesn't mean its bigger economically

  10. this is a good time to organize our own networks/organizations before porky fucks everything up again .. we have get up from our knees and take responsibility. I am talking to you, people who don't own capital or property, the wokring class get it the worst. The problem is capitalism, we need to build an alternative

  11. Your basing your info on a corrupt obama administration, Not to mention our government has been corrupt since the Khazarian mofia better known as the rothchilds and various other rich families decided to take over world fianancial control since 1913, You really do need to educate yourself before you make careless accusations that the economy is going to crash. The complete opposite is going to happen. Trump is currently going after this mob and all those involved with pedophilia and those involved in supporting this evil. Look it up.. President signed a an order on dec 21st regarding this. Corrupt FBI, Hundreds of ceo's stepping down or resigning, an politicians not returning to serve. We enlightened ones knew about this 6 months ago. Its all happening before your eyes on the news, But the big news has still not dropped yet, your beloved Hillary and Obama and 10,000 sealed indictments will have there day in court, You see im not just making this stuff up. All this info comes from high ranking (white hat) milliary and gov officials and can all be proven to be facts! Remember this Post!!!!! and see for yourself if things match up. Don't bet against God or Trump because you will loose everytime.

  12. There is always a certain "bubble" associated with the stock market. Unfortunately, fear is what causes people to take their money out of the stock market, thus ensuring a crash to the market. Investors control the market……

  13. The central bank, i.e., federal reserve, and the money system we have now is one of the direct causes of the "Crash" that is going to happen. We can only inflate for so long. That is the thing of a fiat currency system: you just keep inflating with decreasing value. Currency is not money. Real money might go up and down some, but they don't "Crash." The country itself if failing. We see that in many examples, but some are how people have a tendency to disregard others. Many "Officials" do whatever they want.

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