The Cover Up MSM Would Never Tell You About

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  1. we have to learn something from Trump-that leaders do not have to be bright,good or (may not be even good looking ,I put this in brackets as it is a subjective view. unlike Trump's intelligence or his pussy grabbing prowess which are not disputed)

  2. Oh my GOD. I had not seen that inane tearful Rachel Maddow clip. HOW do Americans still believe that the mainstream media is anything other than corporate propaganda whose biggest industry is war?

  3. Yes Lee as always, spot on, but please don't forget Trump ( not my president ) did not bomb calateral humans as all other presidents have always done. We need to take note of that.

  4. When you have to go to crude comidians on alternative channels hidden on youtube to get the truth about whats really going on in the world. Bahahahahahahaha!Keep up the good work Lee You and Jimmy are great!

  5. As long as you fucking american turds laugh at war and killing and make jokes about serious issues: you will continue to become worse and more depraved and degenerate as your degenerate sick EVIL society goes down into ruin.

  6. Maddow is such a drama clown. Trump wants TPP because its going to benefit his corrupt businesses. Haha…Trump's good Christian bombs makes the corrupt corporate media go wild.

  7. Giving total military power to Trump is a way to giving total military power to the Deep State and its agenda. The Deep State must have concluded that they control Trump enough in order to go that far into the control of the USA. Their agenda will be executed faster… and war will rage….

  8. Corker and Kane want to give the president more war powers because these two butterheads each think he is going to be president someday and they want all the power they can get. Living in their 'don't care about anyone else' bubble they still don't realize with the way things are going they will be dead long before they can run for office from either climate change or nuclear war. They have forgotten that they are old too. No one is going to be voting for old, rich, spineless, white men who aren't progressives.

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