The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

Welcome to my complete guide to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin for beginners. I hope this tutorial and simple explanation of Blockchain technology was enlightening. If you have any questions about…


  1. I am extremely appreciative of what you are doing in this crazy crypto world full of shillers. I am a perma fan. Please do a review on poet if you get a chance. I’d love to know what you think about poet.

  2. Bitcoin is a fraud. It is way overvalued and is in a bubble right now. You can tell this because it is backed by nothing and is all speculative hype. New buyers be ware, it is risky and you could loose everything. It is a better idea to keep your money in a trusted institution that has been around for many years like Jp morgan or merrill lynch. These experts do not invest your hard earned money in these crypto ponzi schemes. You will see when the Trump recession hits

  3. Thanks for the video, please could you make a video like this but more focused on mining specifically. A lot of people are getting into mining and I haven't really found a video that narrows down the key details (how you actually end up getting paid for example) in a video. Thanks anyways and great video

  4. Hi Please explain how to send my crypto from exodus to ledger. How do we earn gas from neo on Binance kucoin. And how to earn bonus from kcs coin. How to take profits after double gains like from 4 to 8. I want to put it back in BTC

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