The Bulls are Back – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 8/17/2018

The Bulls are Back – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 8/17/2018 – A very nice rally today as the bulls take over.


  1. Warren Buffet said to do the opposite of what everyone else does in a sense to make potential huge gains. Wouldn't that be a reason why we should all be holding some dentacoin?

  2. i was going to buy ripple til i saw there will be 400 billion coins in circulation, so even w a trillion dollars market cap once all coins are released, it'll still only be about .50 cent per coin tops… No thanx

  3. seeing those promising projects like NANO Vechain & XRP pumping like crazy makes me think that we maybe have seen the bottom of alts and that another bullrun is around the corner in Q4

  4. Gotta give you credit for sticking to your guns even in these conditions. It's refreshing to see. I've never sold a thing yet. Even though I should have taken profits. Was too new and worried about taxes. I hope just holding pays off down the road. Keep up the great worth George. I have around 15k invested in various prodjects.

  5. Probably THE most informative Crypto Geek here on Youtube. Thank you for your reassuring vlogs, George ! Quick question ? Do you foresee mergers between two crypto companies EVER and if so, how would that work for token holders ? (You mentioned Ethereum should consider ZIL, for example).

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