The Bitcoin News Show #91 – CFTC landmark ruling, Sidechains are coming, Yale investment

The Bitcoin News Show for the week of Oct 1st with your host @theonevortex and panelists: -Ansel Linder (@AnselLindner) – …


  1. @7:50 "what they've done is call 'encrypted data' a commodity" Um, no they haven't. Your encrypted photo backup isn't now a commodity. Bitcoin is a limited supply asset, like a commodity. Yeah, it's more than that too, but it still falls under that broad definition of commodity. "Signal messages" aren't limited supply tokens. If bitcoin develops into the currency aspect as it intends, then perhaps the govt regulators will be forced to see it differently. They don't want to call it a currency yet because they will lose tax revenue. Until enough people can pressure govt to recognize it as a currency, it will remain that way.

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