The Bitcoin News Show #79 – Interview with Andrew DeSantis

The Bitcoin News Show for the week of May 7th with your host @theonevortex and special guest Andrew DeSantis (@desantis). Come and see me live in LA for …


  1. he called LN a "derivative" and you (Vortex) should have ripped him apart!!! for that!! it is NOT A DERIVATIVE!! LN is tied 1 to 1 to BTC that is tied up once sent to LN… Basically a smart contract where the underlying is not available to any others. The word "derivative" is FALSE! and his whole argument about segwit, and him not understanding the diff between "soft fork" and "hard fork" is astounding! And the fact that LN is ONLY there to alleviate the pressure of "small" TX has escaped him, also, segwit was enacted on LTC with a $1million bounty to hack it for about a year, and never hacked, then brought to BTC. And his ignorance on the price, or any new tech, or news is very alarming!! And also the way hot wallets are different in the way they create random keys, compared to cold or other ways, (which i'm working on) and how addresses could be parented and found/hacked/padded bc of segwit makes NO sense to me. (Vortex you should have questioned him on this logic) I think he was getting to the random numb gen, but there are many ways to fix this, and hot wallets are the only issue , (which should not be used anyway)
    Do not have him on again! this guy used to be good, but has drifted far far away from the current space! This space changes on the daily, and even someone who's it's full time job,.. it's hard to keep up with BTC and the space, this guy is out of touch!!

  2. In regards to @desantis wanting a science of technology…some of the futurists have conversation about things like a Moore's law equivalent for all technology and even all life. Personally, I think some of them believe this in a cultish way, though I'm not certain if they're wrong. Or, if they're wrong, it may be because everything (with entropy) undergoes analogous colony collapse eventually. Maybe. But economics (not like most of the crappy BS said in the name of economics) speaks somewhat to science of technology. For instance, Robert Solow defined technology as "everything that results in capital growth beyond an increase in capital inputs" (basically).

  3. Guys…this guy is ON ANOTHER LEVEL. I get the feeling he can…sense things before they happen. Vortex…I'm very grateful you have a relationship with this cat. It's such a gift. I know you try your best to translate what he's saying into something you and others can understand. But you don't really have to man. Just listen to the music.

  4. Scalability and critical mass is what I hear him getting at. As the critical mass starts moving with btc, then the devs need to keep adjusting the protocol (lightning network, segwit, etc) to build out btc’s network to accommodate the herd. Also, the petrodollar is coming under heavy fire. People are going to realize that, in order for this failing fiat to continue enabling American exceptionalism, more endless wars will need to be started. We have been fighting the war in Afghanistan for SIXTEEN years. Now trump (at the beck and call of Israel) is calling for war in Iran. More death in the sands of the Middle East, more young people getting their lives destroyed, ptsd, suicide and addiction to prescription meds… or make fat bank with crypto and realize real abundance in one’s lifetime…. which one will the people (young people especially) choose? Seems like a pretty easy choice to me (imho).

  5. His point about the network effect of the public keys makes no sense. Who cares about a code that contains the number 1 followed by random letters and numbers. The network effect of a user name in understanding language to a human being has validity. I could not get the name Cryptodoc but got Crypt0doc with a zero. Language has meaning to people through its symbols not through code. Maybe this network effect would matter to an AI but not a human. This guy was probably an AI and not actual human. I did enjoy the thought provoking discussion (at least what I could understand).

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