The Bitcoin News Show #73 – Price shakeout, Bittrex removes 82 tokens, Lightning goes live

The Bitcoin News Show for the week of March 12th with your host @theonevortex and panelists @madbitcoins and @tonevays! Quick Bits: Current Mayer …


  1. Question: don't nationally issued digital currencies seriously threaten BTC? Wouldn't they divert the public's attention away from bitcoin and possibly (probably) lead to efforts to suppress the use of BTC? I'd love some feedback. It's nice to be "utopian" about BTC's potential, but power trumps idealism, yes?

  2. 1300 BTC, pro regulation, pro institution, pro government.. Tone is an idiot and the antithesis of crypto .. GO WORK FOR THE BANKS AGAIN TONE you miserable pessimist slavery promoter.

  3. It is ALL about BTC dominance! Wanting to call it something more "polite" makes me laugh.
    Like calling a cripple a "physically challenged" person. Its insulting to everyone, to use language that glints at

  4. On the Lightning network, again Craig Wright, (computer scientist) and Rick Falkvinge see the LN as unworkable. Unlike the people Vortex spoke about on Twitter that don't have the minds to comprehend the LN, the above mentioned people I mentioned do and in spite of the fact that one is a fake Satoshi, and the other the CEO of B-Cash, I can't help but listen to what they have to say. I am no coder or programmer, just was a lowly field service technician for Dell's service providers, and my own clients, and have voluntarily taught computing skills to Seniors, and others for 15 years in our computer help lab at a local senior center, and so having more than average knowledge of computers and software doesn't make me an expert, but have picked up a few things and I believe I'm a quick study. I just want the truth. I will make it my mission to ask questions until I can either take back an answer to mister Wright, and mister Falkvinge that says they are full of shit, or someone is, because their is a stark contrast of views, and like him or them or not, Craig and Rick have a large following and if they are speaking shit, then their followers need to know it.

  5. Tone is still predicting a fall to 1300 wtf ? Also eat some crow dude it fucking bounced up again completely opposite of what u predicted EARLIER.. No plunge your the worst TA. TA is like sports handicappers or race horse handicappers . All the information put into graphs and data sheets means absolutely nothing at the end of the day cuz shit happens good bad and indifferent.

  6. This is really kind of ridiculous… basically calling for the arrest of the Ethereum founders. How about we just have a free market, and leave people alone? My god, whatever happened to a thing called "freedom?" I know there are tons of scams out there, but part of having freedom is also having responsibility. Let's all grow up, become adults, and stop crying to Daddy Government about everything. I can't believe I have to say this to Bitcoin afficionados, of all people!

    Also, why complain about Bitcoin Cash so much? Bitcoin is about freedom, and it was DESIGNED to be forked! It was designed such that there's is constant innovation and competition between all the economic actors. May the best ideas win in the end… Peace and Freedom for all.

  7. Why is Tone saying Ethereum IS an ICO? An ICO is an event, it starts and then it ends, Ethreum had an ICO it is not an ICO and it never was. Would you call Facebook an initial public offering?

  8. Remember what Andreas said. It takes an incredible amount of complexity to bring simplicity to the consumer. The amount of tech that goes just into visiting a website took decades of evolution. The work put into LN is necessary for the end goals, not immediate profit.

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