The Bitcoin Group #185 – Bitmain IPO – Bitcoin ETF – Hardcore Miners – International Bitcoin

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  1. 1:05 Bitmain IPO – Andy Hoffman
    3:35 Bitmain IPO – Gabriel D Vine
    10:25 Bitmain IPO – Max Hillebrand
    12:57 Exit question – Will the Bitmain ICO succeed?
    17:36 Bitcoin ETF – Gabriel
    21:41 Bitcoin ETF – Max
    24:20 Bitcoin ETF – Andy
    37:00 Exit question – Will there be an ETF hacked within 5 years?
    46:03 Hardcore Miners – Max
    48:47 Hardcore Miners – Andy
    50:17 Hardcore Miners – Gabriel
    54:54 Exit question – Will the price rise to match the hash rate?
    59:57 International Bitcoin – Andy
    1:01:43 International Bitcoin – Gabriel
    1:04:02 International Bitcoin – Max
    1:06:53 Exit question – Most successful restricting Bitcoin?
    1:08:35 Prediction or story of the week – Andy
    1:09:30 Prediction or story of the week – Gabriel
    1:11:09 Prediction or story of the week – Max

  2. Financialisation in which institutions loan out more bitcoin than they have in custody would be bad. It could suppress the price as as has happened with silver and gold.

  3. It is so dumb to say bitcoin ETF is bad because you don’t own the private key so it’s not your bitcoin. It is an investment vehicle. There are countless other ETF that have underlying assets that the investor can’t “use.” You guys would say an ETF for automobiles is inherently bad because you don’t have the keys to the cars?! Dumb. Good show so far otherwise, but come on…

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