The Bitcoin Conspiracy & The Cartel

Is the Bitcoin price suppressed? Why is the Bitcoin price manipulated and who are doing it? Is Mt. Gox and Mark Karpeles Involved? I deep dive into some analysis regarding the manipulation…


  1. Makes no sense if they wanted to kill Bitcoin they could killed it years ago.????? (people who have no clue about cc) HOW COULD THEY KILLED IT ? JUST NAME 1 WAY OF HOW THEY CAN KILL BTC ONLY 1

  2. They are suppressing it so they can get the framework for a completely digital monetary system. Goldman Sacks buying Polonex, Mastercard buying part of Coinbase. If you look at the underbelly they are just getting the foundation started. It will go back up when they are ready for big institutional money to get in. They will cash out of Bonds, Stocks to invest in Crypto. Its about to take off very soon. They can't keep people out for very much longer.

  3. Please stop saying that BTC is a threat to fiat currencies. If you dig deeper you will see that BTC cannot replace fiat. Not because of BTC limitations, because this can change, but because of the nature of our economy. Our economy cannot operate with a deflating currency. Imagine knowing that your paycheck will be worth more tomorrow than today.

  4. The cryptos aren't limited, they they create all of the fiat cryptos they want, just like the whales can create fiat paper currency, it doesn't mean fiat cryptos will ever keep their value just like fiat paper currencies will not keep their value!

  5. Bitcoin is back up by Fiat so is your problem i think YES.
    The problem is i can buy gold whit dollar euro yen and bitcoin.But bitcoin is not 1 btc is 1btc/dollar……….
    if you can print fiat you can buy all.Is very hard to fix this.

  6. I hear much about price suppression in various markets (I've been trading for 30 years).

    Frankly I'm dubious about so many players being able to coordinate their activities. I just don't think they're smart enough or have too much individual greed to act so cooperatively.

    But if we follow through on the manipulation theory, one would have to 1) wait for an exponential rise 2) get big holders to sell BTC and 3) at the same time take short futures contracts.

    So it is plausible if well organized.

    Once one collects the profits of the put contracts, then the next step is to re purchase BTC at the lower price.

    But the real point I'm wanting to make is who cares?
    We all benefit from lower prices and are free to accumulate the same way the theoretical whales do at a lovely discount.
    If their behaviour repeats then we have clear future evidence that allows us to follow their game.

    Nothing lasts forever.
    Once demand for BTC grows so large not even coordinated short selling can overcome spot buyer pressure

  7. and they can never run out of money to use for the suppression, because they just print more. devaluing your dollar with every print batch. huge swindle with devastating consequences.

  8. If the algo is set in place, if the $ is in the system no matter what we as individual investors do (as our pot is so tiny), if the coins are dropping because of the set pattern, how do you justify it to the public so they don't lose faith in the system? you fabricate and bring up old stuff and blame it on that… stock market is even worse…they really bring up stuff that's so insignificant like: Trump said postal service loses $1.5 for every package when amazon ships….stock drops…I mean come on…who cares about that and I can't believe the postal service still exist…as an investor I don't care about this at all, doesn't change financials or stability of the company so the fact that we're in a corrective wave is not being said…that no matter what, the market will drop is not being discussed…apparently humans need reasons and justifications for the movement of patterns so it's made up, resurrected, and peasants are fed cool-aid by those in control. It's all a game guys…every market is a game.

  9. Come on guys, we saw an insane bull run in the last years.
    Now 3 months into a correction you talk about manipulation…
    Be patient and don´t lose the bigger picture out of sight!

    No offense to your video Carl 🙂
    Have a great week!

  10. My belief is that BTC is the creation of the same gang that runs the Fed Reserve, the UN, CFR, Trilateral Com etc. The underlying tech (The BlockChain) will evolve into the Matrix, depicted by Hollywood. The Matrix (BlockChain) is the Beast. It will control everything on the planet from humans to the toaster on your counter top.

  11. I’ve watch this video for the second time, the ETF as stated by this guy says that’s why the market started to fall, if you go back and look at the date (12.16.2017) where he states the ETF started declining, you can see from (12.7.2017 to 12.16.2017) BTC increased, BUT, look at the RSI, it’s showing a decline from being over bought, a Divergence happened. The Divergence is what sent the market down, it had to start the consolidation period.

    Your thoughts?
    Jeff T

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