The Billionaire Class is Not Fit to Rule – Paul Jay

The ruling elites are creating a world where the majority of people suffer the consequences of the climate crisis and massive unemployment while the super-rich …


  1. TheRealews: Kudos to you guys. Outlining the problems and solutions for this planet simply isn't being done. Thanks for a decent primer.
    Any problem needs a solution that is large enough to solve the problem. We have multiple and massive problems that you outlined. It is hard to imagine a world without private profit in the center of policy. It is hard to imagine a world without capitalism, but not that hard. People are cooperative and harnessing that cooperative ability with democracy is the only solution with the scale to overcome our social and environmental dead end.

    Everything you've ever bought in our "competitive" planet required highly organized and tremendously cooperative human effort. We can't each make our own shoes, eggs, and airplanes. People have long worked together to provide for our collective existence. The idea that we can't have a totally democratic relationship with each other is nonsense. There's never been a socialist society, but there was once no capitalist society either. Capitalism and Socialism are both totally human inventions. Socialism that places human and environmental need in place of private profit is the only way we'll survive. If you've got another solution it's time to let it out?

  2. Excellent video on THE most critical threats to us all.  Well done Paul.  Indeed the elites have proven they are not fit to rule shit.  They have undermined their own system and the survival of the very human race.  They have proven that retaining their own power is more important to them than human survival.  We must democratize the planet and shut them down.  But first we must learn the truth and spread it like wildfire so we can break their systems of indoctrination and control.

  3. Paul J. – love your 'ballsy' integrity!
    btw, there's no reason for which the 'riches be entitled to own AI. ALL should benefit, as it would've been a fruit of human kind as entity.

  4. You lost me at systemic racism and the Trump bashing……you act like this is the first time rich people have held positions of power in America.  SMH this is just Trump hating BS!

  5. Theyare not only are not fit too rule, its worst than you think, I recently had a conversation with some religious people, who 1. Believe the earth is flat. 2. The earth is only 6,000 of years old. 3. That climate change is just a natural cycle. Trump is not only supported by billionaires, but by the religious fundamentals. So developing the environment doesn't matter and they have no intentions of changing their beliefs or way of living! Very scary! This administration should not be allowed too remain in power, in my opinion! They don't care and feel that the only thing that needs too happen is for the world population too be reduced by billions, thus their anti immigration stance too close the borders an build the wall!! If these people get their way, we're doomed, the religious believe in the second coming and Armageddon, really scary stuff.

  6. their robots won't do them much good. a .22 can break the insulators on a 15kv transmission line, so their power will be turned off. Are they taking all the howizers into their gated communities? A 155 reaches 30 miles. They can't control 25 miles outside the wall, so they can be obliterated with arty. Do they plan on taking the army into their gated communities? No, those are their victims

  7. the middle class is growing. the elite is getting richer. good. the middle class is shrinking, the elite are getting richer. bad. how come you say the average American is better off than 40 years ago? all statistics show a shrinkage of spending power for the masses, and a huge decline in the middle classes.

  8. When the landlocked glaciers melt it will rise the oceans level by 60 meters over the next few hundred years..or less. We should be starting to prepare ourselves today for this inevitable threat to our ecology in the very near future.
    Climate change is inevitable with the procession of our axis, human activity is only speeding it up a bit. Even if we stopped driving all vehicles, stopped burning all coal, stopped using hair spray we will still be faced with the same threat. We can not turn the temperature around no matter how hard we try.
    The waters will rise to the shores of Mumbai and Bang-kok, Australia will have a large lake in the middle, america will be divided into 2 as the Mississippi becomes wider than any lake and Britain which was once a peninsula before the last great melting of the glaciers will become an archipelago….
    When this time comes, americans will be seeking refuge by seeking life in other countries becoming refugees themselves expecting others to let them cross their borders and live among them even though they cast out refugee's in our current day which will NOT be forgotten so easily, or forgiven.. being told to go back to their own country!

  9. In all major changes through out history have taken place only after major disasters, a world forum (UN) only after 2 world wars, changes to the financial system requires financial crashes and more. The problem is it takes ever bigger disasters to generate the changes to resolve the problem. This is because governments have less power then the large corporations now.

  10. The "Real News" (ABC CBS NBC) consist of five or six 2.5 minute sound bites and 15 minutes of paid advertising. Today 17 people drowned in some lake or river and they got a lot of dogs together for a party.. This is way to much information and much more depressing… lol.

  11. Why does it have to be a question of class? We live in a democracy don't we? Just vote for the right person. Banning lobbyists might help keep the mega rich from using their wealth to swing policy.

  12. But you're not telling people the WHOLE truth.
    Offering people free stuff to get elected isn't honesty, it's a scam that is unsustainable, because it takes taxpayers to pay for all the free stuff for all those you Democrats keep importing from low IQ and poverty stricken countries whose own government should take care of them ~ not ours…
    Democrats are horrible at math or they wouldn't even suggest such horrible economy killing policies…

    Free college for everyone is another scam ~ they aren't learning enough in the 12 years of schooling they already go to ~ but they do know how to protest for liberal issues don't they ~ though they know almost NOTHING about the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etcetera ~ why is that❓
    There's so much more wrong with your parties politics, too much to say here, so I will close by saying:
    I've voted Democrat in the past but will NOT in the future…

  13. You know, you can accept corporate funding, advertising ..etc, AS LONG AS you tell hem that you keep editorial freedom. make it clear. and if ever they try to force your hands, tell them you will refuse, KEEP their money (it was donated wasn't it ?) AND tell the story on how your customer tried to corrupt you and what they wanted you to say/cover..
    NO NDA etc..
    I expect some would still fund you for ethical reason, and other won't dare to influence you.

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