The Big Fraud – Savings and Loan Crisis (Myth20c – Ep96)

Savings and Loans were originally designed as community thrift institutions geared towards helping working class American families save for owning a home.


  1. Have you guys done an episode on the Federal Bank? How it is literally unbeholden to the American government? It's literally an alien fixture on our soil? How can any of this shit surprise you? I guess I'm just having trouble understanding how you can all understand that the Fed is bullshit, but go on to debate for two hours about it's intricacies. It's like saying, "Yeah, Bigfoot isn't real, but let's look at the very real effect he's had on our cultural zeitgeist." It's fucking lunacy. You're all faggots.

  2. Great research! Yep, some of them went to prison but of course not Neil Bush, the Silverado. There is something about that King Air that nags me to this day.Then hurricane Alicia. After that was the economic oil crisis. Houston's boom days were over! Fannie Mae BS. One dancer became a foreclosure expert, (no money in dancing, just a bunch of broke, angry drinking men) it suited her narc personality. Businesses and homes boarded up everywhere! The "yankees" left and cleared up the overcrowded freeway system (always under construction). I wondered where "everyone" went? Ex-bf (not proud of it) Michael Pollack, posing as a rich, white beachboy, "jewed" down the city (the Mayor gave him "Key to the City") using stolen HUD money. "Only in America" was his fav phrase! Leaving contractor patsies behind in his wake. Of course he did not go to prison! Israeli drug dealers got busted but went back to Israel. No problemo! CIA created "crack" abounded in the 3rd and 4th Wards of the inner city! Poppy Bush gave his "State of the Union Address" showing America a big bag of "Crack" cocaine! Such hypocrisy. Then Chief Police Lee Brown became Clinton's "Drug Czar" keeping the never-ending "War on Drugs" going. Why is hind-sight always 20/20?

  3. Charles Keating was put on trial in front of Judge" Lance Ito" of OJ Simpson Fame . This makes Me wonder if the trial was staged like the OJ Simpson Trial . Why was Keating tried in California State Court and not in Federal Court . Did Keating spend time in Prison or was He in the front door and out the back ??? Is Bernie Madoff(?) in Prison or did He go in the front door and is He out the Back . Was the Savings and Loan Crisis a trial run for the 2008 melt down and beyond ??? How much would the people put up with ??? This smells CIA to Me . Just like Madoff and "Death Faker" Ken Lay !!!!

  4. I have a FOIA release admitting that Alan Cranston was an FBI information specialist and a known communist, before he was senator! This guy and these people are only worth exposing for the larger agenda they work for. Demoralization and the psychological rape of humanity.

  5. Well well well, if it isn't
    Nick"I have done a thousand dreadful things, As willingly as one would kill a fly, And nothing grieves me heartily indeed, But that I cannot do ten thousand more."Mason,
    we meet again.

  6. I lived in Houston in that decadent decade and associated with these S & L criminals posing as respectable, rich businessmen. I suspect some were CIA assets, since I worked as an exotic dancer at an elite "Gentlemen's" club & 5-star restaurant, favorite haunts for these types. Helicopter & pad on roof of office, STOL aircraft, King Air, 65 ft yacht ect. I was young and dumb. Wish I knew what I know now when I consorted with these guys…Now maybe I can learn something true about the S & L fiasco…Great subject! Thanks!

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