The Best Cryptocurrency Tool Known to Man – Hodloo!

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  1. So what if he is a student of qfl! He is only making videos teaching what he has learned. He never ever claimed to be the sole inventor and he has made a video reconizing qfl. Most importantly he is teaching and helping folks. Which is more then most people who cant seem to do anything but nitpick and complain.

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  3. This guy is straightup stealing. Dont use his binance link, or steemit or anything else. There is a whole community of people benefiting from the work of Quickfingersluc. Qflhoodloo. As in Quickfingers trading. How do you sleep at night cryptocamacho?

  4. Hi. Please give Luc credit. Quickfingersluc qfl. You are using Luc language… cracking bases. Everything you are talking about is from him. Just credit him and be honest.

  5. Thanks for sharing this, hope it works, I thought I was on my way to wealth in December then my portfolio dropped 100k almost overnight, too early to late, but holding because I know Cardano and EOS have way better chance than most…

  6. what the fuck are you talking about, you don't buy if something breaks support lol that might make you profit 2 out of 10 times… Do you know at least a little technical analysis?

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