The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest With Small Budget June 2017

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  1. why'd you have to make this video so early in the game? the price went from .002 to .009!!!! I'll still be rich when it goes up but but all this video is telling me is how much richer I could've been!

  2. doge is unlimited and may not touch 1 ,, namocoin is limited and have ability to cross 10$ best time to buy namocoin from cryptopia , remember my advice dear you can buy 10 times more than dognecoin but namocoin can true your dream……………………………………….. visit coinmarketcap

  3. Well the best word so far under small budget carries deeponion with it because its best anonymous currency which uses TOR network for untracable payments so it will be better to.invest as its dev team is really struggling and soon deeponion will be the best of 2018

  4. Now it"s almost at the end of the year. There are better coins by now which promises better Tech dev community. There seems to be lot of buzz around Deeponion and it sure is for right reason. The fundamentals are right to cover up the stuff which other anonymous coin offer.

  5. Great vid. Another tip from me is DeepOnion, only a 13m market cap but has great tech (tor integration and deepsend) as well as a very fair distribution model

  6. yes you are right that these coins are really in small budget but i am introducing you tl deeponion which is the best anonymous cryoto currency and it is in also in small budget you all can buy is easily

  7. I think Deeponion is a very good investment for 2017. It has already risen about from under a dollar to almost 4 usd. This is a very good rise, given that the market cap is still low and it has a strong community which keeps it active and strong. Once the airdrop finishes, it will rise a lot as it is slowly getting eposure in the big leagues 🙂

  8. Beside your best investment, I have invested also on Deeponion in a month ago, now I have also 300% profit. And the project is keep moving very well, the airdrop is much better than anyother new ico projects. It will make a big success next year.

  9. It takes a year for DOGECOIN to worth few cent. Who knows how long it will take to worth $1. You should consider adding DeepOnion which is now worth $3+ which was worth $1 less than 2 weeks ago.

  10. Cardano (ADA) is for sure going to beat all other cryptocurrencies.

    Cardano (ADA) is for sure going to be the Mother of all cryptocurrencies
    Including Ethereum and Bitcoin

    It is going to be Mega Major success

    If you don't believe , please go through the concept videos behind Cardano

    CAR + DANO = Cardano (ADA) Cryptocurrency

  11. How about DeepOnion? Have you guys have heard about it? It has great potential and it already climbed over 2 usd.. There is great community discussing not just about DO but whole crypto world and common stuff… 🙂

  12. There are other coins you can talk about, like DeepOnion for example. I have all my bitcoin invested in it, it has a great and stong comunity community, and i believe it has a great future ahead! Look it up 😉

  13. I'm currently investing on DeepOnion. It is an anonymous cryptocurrency that uses the TOR network to send untraceable payments practically instant. I believe this altcoin is extremely undervalued at under $1. This cryptocurrency is also freely distributed and is not an ICO. The dev team is also very active in the community and the roadmap looks promising with lots of upcoming features and a payment plugin to accept $Onions as payment method on online stores. You should check it out!
    Visit for more info on them. I just wanted to share this hidden gem I found. 🙂

  14. Currently there is also a crypto called "DeepOnion", that is really underated and you might want to have a look before it's too late 🙂
    Really good potential, the community and the cryptocurrency are both growing fast 😉

  15. Hey you heard about deep onion .
    its the best trending privacy currency right now.
    and very much likely to be valuable in coming year.
    its very much easy to even earn it in the community.

  16. I recently came across this coin called DeepOnion. It's a privacy focussed crypto like monero and Dash but with more features and a growing strong community. It's currently about 1$, I believe it's worth investing.

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