The Awkward Dance Of Bitcoin And The Cryptocurrency Market

Bitcoin continues to dance the razors edge, as the cryptocurrency market has been holding it’s breath for weeks now. A lot of news out in the world today revolving around the big social media…


  1. Of course sideways, so linked to btc. I felt neutral today for the big red candles. I thought, hmm, the whales are actually keeping the price down and doing us a favor. If they dump like that when the cap is high enough, it wont be as volatile. One can dream…

  2. Soros & Rockefeller family just got into Crypto.
    If you have a position already, HODL.
    If you have not invested yet, WAIT UNTIL CRASH.

    …they are not trading on exchanges. I am concerned how this will affect basic investors.

  3. Agree entirely about the greatest use case being for countries where it provides a lifeline. It's typical for adoption of any new technology, the first use cases are in the applications where the need is most urgent. There will eventually be a desire for people to own their wealth and not give it to banks but people don't really care so much about that as long as they can use their money to pay for stuff relatively easily. It will take a lot of time and a lot more publicity before the general population in the developed world warm to Cryptocurrencies. Un-banking the banked as opposed to banking the unbanked as Andreas Antonopoulos puts it.

  4. Thanks B love these videos and they are now the first thing I watch in my morning routine. Great content and I love how you present facts in a way to let people make there own decisions still.

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