“That’s Not Bitcoin, That’s BCash” Bitcoin Cash’s Scammy Ways Revealed

reading an article that articulates why bitcoin cash is very scammy and borderline fraudulent.


  1. Satoshi is the Farther, Bitcoin is the Son & BTC Block~Chain is the Holy Spirit.
    Bcash is not apart of this Trinity!
    The Ver interview was with that homo Dave Rubin.
    I am sure Ver did a few jiu jitsu moves on him afterwards, lol ;P

  2. Litecoin is a perfect example of a Bitcoin fork that was not named after Bitcoin. And has done very well with a billions of dollar market cap today with Charlie creating its own LTC brand!
    Roger Ver is a Charlatan and BCash is trying to emulate what its not and steal the day by confusing noobs & riding the coat-tails of BITCOIN, the Alpha & Omega! The OG!

  3. Bitcoin Core is the name of the software this software is also known as Satoshi Client. The coins people buy are Bitcoin" not Bitcoin Core. Bitcoin Cash is an altcoin an alternative currency to Bitcoin. It's an imposter and a cheat. Other bitcoin forks like Bitcoin Gold, Diamond, Private etc are honest. BTH deserves to fail for being an imposter and calling it Bcash is a good term because it's exposing the real fact that it is not bitcoin.

  4. Mrsotko how come u dislike bcash while if u look at it and compare it to btc.. u see dat bcash is way more betyer then btc LOL… tbh Bcash is way more faster cheaper then btc.. but yea if i wanna say bcash ill say bcash and if one of them told me to say Bitcoin cash instead i would tell them sincerly to shut up and suck a dick cuz ill say what i want… Bcash bcash bcash

  5. I'm beginning to think your just a hater of certain crypto's, usually whatever one's r/cryptocurrency tends to hate, bitcoin cash has made me more money than bitcoin has so far, and the same goes for bitcoin gold when it goes back up to january's highs of $400+ (currently i think under 80). If bitcoin goes up to 1 million that people are saying then its going to be directly reflected in these forks as well. Some which are trying to solve problems that bitcoin is facing like fees, transaction speed. Since when has the first of something ever been the best? And sitting at Almost $1500 i hardly think it is a scam

  6. I'm glad you're speaking out on this scam. Too many youtubers are neutral to what is obviously manipulation and outright lies. The polls are clear proof that the majority isn't falling for his repetitive BS. I'm just sad for the newcomers that will get hoodwinked by these scammers.

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